Fun and Creative Ways to Keep Your Kids Entertained During Holidays

This article is a guest post from Zara Lewis. Enjoy! featuredYou all know just how happy the kids get when Christmas starts approaching. It’s all about Santa, gifts, and gingerbread. Sadly, we the parents don’t get to be as excited about Christmas simply because, in addition to taking care of the household, we have to entertain the excited kids who are bursting with energy. So, in order to avoid the holiday grumpiness you as a parent will likely suffer from, here is a short list of fun and creative activities which will keep your kids busy and happy around Christmas.

Making Christmas cards


It doesn’t matter if you have an energetic toddler or a happy preschooler, you can engage them in the process of making and decorating Christmas cards for friends and family. Using your kids’ handprints and footprints is a great way to create unique cards, which you will cherish and save for years. Cover their fingers with white paint, their thumbs and upper hand with red, and their palms with pink and when they press their hand onto the paper you will get a Santa who only needs eyes and a nose. You can also have them step into white paint and use the footprint to get the shape of a Snowman.

Paper snowflakes


Is there a child who doesn’t like making paper snowflakes? From the simplest ones that only require you to fold the paper three or four times before you cut it to the intricate and delicate patterns that require a lot of time and effort, paper snowflakes truly help everyone in the house get into a holiday mood. If you want to keep things interesting, let your kid color the paper with crayons first to add some color, or cover it with glue and sprinkle glitter over them when you finish. You can also use them to decorate your Christmas tree (kids will be proud to see their little artworks up on the tree).

Spend time in the kitchen


For sure, bringing your kids into the kitchen can be a messy affair, but it can also be fun. Have the kids help you make gingerbread (they can help with decorating or with preparing the dough), prepare hot chocolate together or make a huuuge bowl of popcorn and have them help you make popcorn garlands for your tree (they will probably eat half the popcorn but that’s fine, garlands are just an excuse to spend time together anyway).

Go outside


Physical activity is important and the chilly weather will allow the kids to grow up strong and healthy. Let your inner child out again: make snow angles in the back yard, make a snowman and wrap him up in a colorful scarf, go sledding and skiing with your kids and enjoy the winter. Even if it’s not snowing, you can have loads of fun outside: simply make a bonfire in the back yard (it makes ordinary s’mores ten times more delicious) and instead of being sad that you can’t go snowboarding, let your kid try a fun hoverboard segway instead. Snow or no snow, outdoor activities are great for you as a parent as well as for your kids.

Yes, some of these ideas are a bit tiring, but wouldn’t you rather have your kid be creative and spend quality time with them than just turn on the TV and let them watch cartoons until they get sleepy? These activities allow us to bond with our children and make a lot of special memories we will cherish in the years to come.

Zara is a mom, fitness & yoga enthusiast and a regular writer for High Style Life. She loves to share her parenting tips and is always open to learning new skills, because for her parenthood is like going to school forever. She enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling and baking. (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) 

Thanks Zara for contributing to Speechbaby Blog and thank you readers for hanging out with me. Happy Holidays!






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