Taking Advantage of Wrapping Paper Scraps

Got leftover wrapping paper scraps from the mounds of presents you are wrapping?!?! I sure do and it’s always hard for me to throw them away thinking that I may use them, so I keep them. Then I end up with tons of useless wrapping paper pieces that are too small for most presents. Now that I’m a momma, I have the perfect use for those scraps. Check it out!taking-advantage-of-wrapping-paper-scrapsUse your leftover wrapping paper pieces to promote early literacy and speech skills! Simply cut out the first letter of your child’s first name and tape it on their presents. It looks super cute, serves as a name tag and helps babies learn, yes please!! You can go for one with their full name on it too. This takes a bit more creativity and time, but is totally worth it.

Early literacy skills are everything we need to know before we can read and write. Teaching toddlers about the alphabet develops early literacy skills. Pointing out letters and words in books and within babies environments builds an understanding that letters go together to form words. Making the sound of the letter teaches babies letter-sound correspondence and how the sound is produced. Knowing how sounds are produced develops speech. Knowledge of alphabet letters and their sounds is the foundation for reading, writing and speaking, so why not begin early?! I personally started from day one, a little crazy I know! My son has an entire wall of his nursery dedicated to the alphabet AND. I. LOVE. IT! We interact with his alphabet wall all the time. It makes him smile, which makes me smile.

FullSizeRender 11

I try to show my son his Christmas presents and talk about the letter(s) a couple of times a day. The more he sees it, the more he learns about it and remembers. I trace the letter while saying the letter name, make the letter sound and add a connection (“F for Fisher”). This doesn’t go without fail. You will have to remind babies many times to just use their eyes for looking at the presents until Christmas. You will also likely have some wrapping artistry fails. Just check out my present below. I probably should have used my wrapping paper scraps to fix this mess. Nah….it’ll do. Least it looks good from the front!

If you’re wrapping presents for a toddler, give this ago. We want babies and the alphabet to be friends! Also, have a peek at my other gift wrapping art Handprint Gift Tags.

Cheers to creative present wrapping!


*The link embedded in this post will take you directly to Amazon for which I am an affiliate. If you make a purchase through this link, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. If you do, thank you!!


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