5 Last Minute Gift Ideas for Toddlers

So, the Christmas countdown is on and I knew I was going to think of things I wanted to get my son last-minute. Even though, I swore I was done shopping for him. This Christmas is exciting for both of us. It’s his first really engageable Christmas and my first Christmas celebrating with a sixteen month old. I’m trying not to go overboard, but it’s hard! Here are a few last-minute Christmas gifts, in addition to my Non-Battery Operated Toy List, that I’m excited about!

5-last-minutegift-ideas-fortoddlers*The links embedded in this post will take you directly to Amazon for which I am an affiliate. If you make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. If you do, thank you!!

*Juggling scarves: Just ordered these, kiddos love them! I’ve been wanting to get my son some for a long time. He’s really into pulling out baby wipes and tissues from their boxes. Guess what’s going in those boxes?!?!?! Score, no more wasting wipes/Kleenex!

  *Melissa and Doug Magnetic Animals: Just ordered these too, hope they get here! I’ve had my mind on these for a while. My son loves playing with magnets on our refrigerator. He’s also making lots of animal sounds now, so I’m excited to give these to him to play with. I like the relatively realistic look of these animals more so than others.

*Blanket: My son has now become attached to his *Angel Dear Napping Blanket. I’ve always wondered when this happened. I know kiddos develop special attachments, but my son never cared for a blanket or stuffed animal until just recently. Now he request his blanket and carries it around the house. A second loved blanket is necessary. My son is really partial to this one. The napping blanket is a full blanket as opposed to their *Angel Dear Blankies, which are small thumbies. If your little has a treasured blanket, consider getting a second. 

*Melissa and Doug Play House Toys: A nice kitchen set would be ideal, but we just don’t have room for it. Maybe next year. Next best thing, teaching my son to clean. He loves imitating cleaning after me and pushing things around the house. These are great for pretend play. I know he will totally play with this, had to get it!

*Inflatable Bouncer: My little man actually got this *Sea Turtle Ride-On Inflatable Bouncer for his first birthday from my sister-n-law, who has three kids. She said all her kids loved it. My son hasn’t shown much interest in it until just recently and now he loves going “boing, boing, boing” on it. It’s not the safest toy, definitely recommend close supervision, but it’s fun. My son pushes it around the house, stands on it, rolls all over it and bounces on it. It’s the hot toy right now, so I thought I would share! If you’re shopping for a toddler, may want to put one of these under the tree.

Just realized I probably need to get the Christmas stocking tradition going this year too! Hmmm, a stocking for a one year old…..I think I will fill it with scarves! Yes, he’ll love it! Maybe the magnets will fit, a ball, book and a banana. He loves to say “nana” when he sees them. That sounds like a pretty good stocking for a toddler to me! What are you filling your toddler’s stocking with?! Please share and happy last-minute shopping!

Peace & Love,


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