Handprint Gift Tags

I’m excited to share this handprint gift tag activity because it was so simple and fun. They are also very functional as they serve two purposes: name tags and Christmas ornaments. I started brainstorming this activity when I began wrapping Christmas presents and didn’t like the name tags I bought. I’ve always had a hard time finding name tags I like and they’re so pricey, it annoys me. I have also been wanting to get my baby’s hands back in paint to do some Christmas crafting. I like for him to sense fingerpaint’s ooey, gooey, cool, wet and smooth feel. It’s good for him. So, here’s what I came up with. They turned out really cute! Have a look.

handprintgifttagsNote: The links embedded in this post will take you directly to Amazon for which I am an affiliate. If you make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. If you do, thank you!!  

Materials: card stock paper, finger-paint, hole punch, ribbon, scissors,  laminator and laminating pouches, wine for the crafter

1. Strip baby down to his/her diaper, dip hand in paint and GO! I used Crayola Washable Fingerprints. They wash off and out easily. I’ve found that counting aloud “1, 2, 3” and placing baby’s hand down on “3” helps prepare baby and makes better prints. I was impressed with my color mixing skills to make the color green. I was able to get four tiny handprints per sheet of paper, but of course they all didn’t make the cut.

2. Run baby to the sink and wash hands. Let the artwork dry. Once dried, trace circles around the handprints (I used a coaster). Cut out. Take a sip of wine or two :)!

3. I wrote the year on mine and laminated them for durability with the idea of these doubling as Christmas ornaments. Laminating is an extra step, it’s certainly not necessary. I’m slightly obsessed with laminating things. I use this Scotch Laminator and love it. I actually got it for Christmas last year, thanks mom and dad!

4. Cut out handprints, hole punch, loop ribbon and knot. I used 1/4″ red ribbon that I purchased for $0.27 at a local craft store. I used a Sharpie to label “to” and “love” on the backs. (The Sharpie comes off with nail polish remover in case you mess up or want to reuse!)

5. Merry Christmas!

I’m in love with these. They turned out awesome and are much better than store-bought gift tags in my opinion (I returned the ones I bought). My son loves to point out his handprints under the tree and we talk about the colors. He also likes to try and pull them off and we talk about that too!  They look so cute under our Christmas tree. I’m excited to add them to our Christmas ornament collection. I think our friends and family will like them as well. This was a fun, quick and practical craft to do with littles. Give it a try, please send me pics if you do! For more Christmas fun with littles, check out this Christmas Language Activity for Toddlers and Christmas Books for Babies.



13 thoughts on “Handprint Gift Tags

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  2. Made handprint Christmas tags with my littles and i absolutely love it!! We had such a good time doing it and they turned out so good. Love looking at my gifts under the tree with the sweet little handprints on them. Presley’s were green and Greyson’s red. Most gifts have 2 tags just because. Lol.. thanks so much for the idea!! I was inspired to do additional hand art for gifts since we were already messy!! 😄
    Merry Christmas to your sweet little family!!

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