Wine Down and Review

Baby’s down, husband’s watching football and Prosecco is poured. The condition is right, time to sit back, relax and unwine. I actually had a shower too. Any new mom will tell you that showers are overrated. But when you do find time to fit one in, they feel so nice. I’ll drink to that! I hope you’ll enjoy a glass with me. Happy first Monday in December! So hard to believe it’s December. It’s amazing how fast this year has gone by. I haven’t journaled updates and happenings in a while, though there have been lots. My son is now fifteen months old and full of sugar and spice.

He weighed 22lbs at his fifteen month wellness visit. Fisher is officially running and never stops. It’s a cute little run that’s more of a fast toddle, but he gets better and faster everyday. He’s been practicing using a spoon. He holds the spoon and eats with his fingers. Just today he began using his hands to put food on the spoon then fed himself. Makes me laugh. He gets better with practice but practice is messy! He’s back on the teething train. He currently has just five teeth, his central incisors and one lateral incisor on the top. The other lateral incisors are actively erupting. We’ve had lots of drooling, chewing on any and everything, crankiness and raunchy, large poops. Teething never seems to stop. I’ve found Infant’s Tylenol to work best in soothing my son’s teething woes.

He’s taught himself to spin. Of course I have this on video for your viewing pleasure. It’s really quite cute. I watched him teach himself. He accidentally spun himself, decided he liked it and kept doing it. Babies are so funny!

We’ve been getting ready for the holidays. Got our Christmas tree up and took Fisher to see Santa for the first time. This went much better than expected. We handed him right over to Santa without issue. We read lots of Christmas books and said many “hohohos” in preparation. I think Santa’s going to be good to Fisher! Christmas will be much more interactive for him this year, last year he was only four months old. Should be fun. We made Christmas Ornaments together. Fisher enjoys taking ornaments off our Christmas tree and carrying them around the house. I find them in random places. So far no fatalities.

Fisher also loves opening drawers and pulling everything out, which ends up being more work for him because this mama makes him clean it up. Check out my post on Teaching Babies to Clean Up After Themselves. He is doing well with communication. He imitates and says a good many single words and signs and gestures as needed to get his wants met. His words are mostly approximations (verbal productions that are simplified). For example, he says “nana” for banana, “maw maw” for mimi, “bo” for boat, “bie” for bike, “dar” for star and “ha” for hot. Word approximations are typically only understood by those familiar with your baby. But they are words and will soon mature and be understood by all. When my son’s wants are not met, he easily frustrates and will let you know. His favorite word is “no,” which he says over and over and clear as day. Fisher loves to throw all things, especially when he is mad. Such a hard knock life!

There is no doubt teething is hard for littles. I can’t imagine how obnoxious it would be. It tears my little man’s stomach up resulting in huge, loose poops. Teething poops are harsh on his skin too. Teething stimulates saliva production, which results in excess amounts of saliva being swallowed. Saliva is full of enzymes that begin the process of digestion and break down food particles. It’s strong stuff, which leads to more acidic poop and chaffed skin. This brings me to my baby product review.

Note: This post contains affiliate links to items I personally find useful. I have not been compensated by the manufacturers for purchasing or promoting any of these products. I may receive a small commission if you make a purchase using my link at no cost to you. If you do, thank you!!

Diaper RashProduct Review.png

Baby Anti Monkey Butt Diaper Rash Powder and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste


I’ve been using these two in full force to fight acidic teething poop. I am very thankful that my son has only had one bout with diaper rash in his first year of life. I feel strongly that this is because I use a shake of Baby Anti Monkey Butt Diaper Rash Powder on him with each diaper change. I also make sure to change him frequently. Moisture is what causes rashes and irritation. The key is getting baby nice and dry after wiping and this is hard to do, especially when you’re in a hurry. The powder helps to dry. I received this powder as a baby shower gift and was skeptical about using it at first, so I didn’t. My son got a pretty bad diaper rash his first week and we consulted his doctor. I asked the doctor if there were any issues with using a powder and she didn’t know of any. It’s made with calamine, which is soothing and calming. It shakes out evenly, has a light scent and rubs into skin without leaving residue. I feel like the powder must leave a barrier between the skin and moisture from pee/poop. It also wicks the moisture left behind from wiping baby, which results in a dry diaper area.  This teething go round my son has gotten a little sore spot, which I’ve been using Boudreaux’s Butt Paste on. I use the maximum strength. It’s thick and creamy, goes on smooth and is in an easy squeeze tube which is great for on the go. It has certainly kept the sore from opening up and getting really bad. We are three days in and it is nearly gone. Our pediatrician said it was important to cake the cream over the sore spots to create a thick barrier between it and a soiled diaper. I rarely have to use it, but when I do it works great. If you’re battling diaper rash with your little, you may want to give these products a try. I give them two thumbs up. Please share if you have other suggestions, would love to know!

That’s it for tonight. Thanks so much for wining down with me. Hope you have a good week ahead! Until next time….



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