With Thanksgiving exactly a week away, it’s time to get my baby reading and learning about it. If you follow my blog, you know that I’m a big fan of themed activities and children’s literature. This stems from my days as an elementary school teacher. I loved having a themed based classroom. Themes created excitement, interest and curiosity in my classroom. They also promoted socialization and interaction outside of the school environment, because kiddos experienced the themes across settings.

Exposing babies to seasonal and themed activities and literature does the same. It allows them to make connections within their environments. When babies are out and about and see things that they have read about, they make connections and build on their cognitive skills. This is called book to self learning. Reading about a theme and then experiencing it creates associations, which allows babies to apply the information they have learned from reading.

So parents, I recommend heading over to the library and checking out some Thanksgiving books. Reading about Thanksgiving will give your little a better understanding of what this coming week has ahead for them. And, it will give you lots of things to talk about with your baby. Unfortunately, the library may have slim pickings and Thanksgiving books are very hard to find in department stores these days. Straight crazy….kids need to learn about being thankful, wtf?!?! I couldn’t find any board books in stores, so I ordered ours from Amazon. Luckily, I have a few age-appropriate books in my teaching collection as well.

Below are my one year old son’s favorite Thanksgiving books. I display them so that he has easy access to them at all times. I switch his books out with the various themes/holidays.

The First Thanksgiving by Nancy Davis: Cute lift-the-flap board book with simple text and fun, colorful pictures. My son loves lifting the flaps and naming what’s under them such as fish, corn and turkeys. It briefly touches on the Pilgrims sailing to America and feasting with the Native Americans.

My First Thanksgiving by Tomie dePaola: I love this author’s watercolor illustrations. This board book touches on Thanksgiving festivities from the Pilgrims feasting with their friends, hand print turkeys, preparing foods and being thankful. It’s a simple, easy read great for a busy baby.

Turkey Time! by Price Stern Sloan: Fun board book with catchy rhyming text and lots of opportunities to say “Mmmm!” It reviews the yummy foods of Thanksgiving being prepared for the big feast. My son brings this book to me.

My Thanksgiving Prayer by Crystal Bowman: I love this book because it’s all about prayer and giving thanks, which is a focus for our family right now. We are working to include our son in prayers and blessings. It’s a board book with colorful and attractive illustrations. It has lots of opportunities to name pictures and develop vocabulary and the rhyming text keeps things fun. It has short, simple text making it a quick and easy read for littles with brief attention spans.

Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks by Margaret Sutherland: This is a paperback book but I like it because it talks about being thankful and appreciative of everyday things, which littles can relate to. It has bright, cheery illustrations that lend to discussion. My son likes to point out the balls, balloons and animals. It has one short sentence per page, which makes it an easy read for toddlers to sit through.

These are all good, age-appropriate books for babies and toddlers. I hope you are able to sit down with a little and read a Thanksgiving book this holiday. Reading aloud to babies has unlimited benefits.  Do any turkey day books tickle your little’s fancy?! Please share!

Cheers to reading with babies and being THANKFUL,

Note: These books were purchased by me solely. I did not receive any discounts or free products for my review of these books. The links embedded in this post will take you directly to Amazon for which I am an affiliate. If you make a purchase through one of those links, I may make a small commission at no cost to you. The links that I add to my blog are based on my personal thoughts and opinion. I share them because it is something I personally find useful and recommend.

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