Apple Dots Finger Food

What’s on the menu this week?! Apples! Fall is apple harvest time so it’s a good time to find farm fresh apples. I’m always looking for a way to turn pureed foods that my son will eat into finger foods to take mommy out of the feeding equation. Apple sauce is one of those. While my son is getting better at using a spoon to eat, when it comes to self-feeding pureed foods he gets very little in his belly. I still find myself feeding him applesauce and other purees. This got me thinking, how can I turn apples into a finger food?! I’ve tried cubing and steaming them, baking them and giving them to him raw without luck. So I decided to try apple dots. Here’s what I did.


ย Ingredients: Apples, Cinnamon

1. Rinse, peel and cube apples (4-5 medium apples fill my Cuisinart Baby Food Maker)

2. Steam apples, drain steam water, sprinkle cinnamon on apples and puree using food processor until smooth

3. Scoop apple puree into a Ziploc bag and cut a small piece of one corner off, line small cookie sheet, cutting board or plate with wax paper (just needs to be a level surface that will fit in the freezer) and get your dot on. I’ve tried all sizes of dots, dime size works best for my son.

4. Freeze until hard, store in air-tight container in the freezer.

5. Serve frozen. Bon appe’tit baby!

Verdict: Win! I’m all about simple, easy and healthy, tada! These are a go to snack. My son gobbles them up while I sit back and watch or do dishes, pick up toys, wipe up the food he’s thrown, feed the dog, or reheat my coffee for the fifth time. Anything that I can get done in the ten minutes he’s confined to his high chair and content. Since these are served frozen, I think they feel good to his teething gums. The best part about apple dots is that my son says “dot, dot” when I serve them, score! Apple dots melt to applesauce fairly quickly, so I only serve a few at a time. If your little likes applesauce, you may want to give these a try. Please let me know if you do! You might want to check out my recipe for pumpkin dots too.

Tip: say “dot, dots” every time you serve them



Respect, kindness and love begin with babiesโ€ฆwe must show them the way!

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