Toys to Pack when Traveling with a One Year Old

On the road again. This weekend we are headed to the NC coast to celebrate my husband’s birthday. He wants to go boating and fishing to celebrate. My husband loves to fish more than anyone I know, hence our son’s name ‘Fisher.’ So off we go! I pack our family to go while my husband works. Packing with a one year old is tricky, especially packing his toys. As soon as I put a toy in he takes it out (as pictured below). I have to be selective in what toys I pack to bring with us. I must make sure to pack his most entertaining toys that will help keep him busy and out of trouble. Notice I said “help.” He will still get into plenty of trouble I a sure you. As I began packing our things, I watched my son play with some of his favorite toys and those are the ones I chose to bring with us. I thought I would share to help out others braving travel with young toddlers.

Toys I recommend packing for a one year old road trip:

That’s it. I try to fit all of his travel toys in one bag. This way clean up is easy. Once baby is asleep, we throw all his toys back in the bag and store it out of the way. I love my son’s extra-large L.L. Bean bag. It’s perfect for traveling. I also throw in a baby quilt to lay out on the floor, this becomes our designated play area. What toys do you pack to entertain your toddler for a weekend away?!

Thanks for taking your time to read my blog! Hope you have a good weekend!



11 thoughts on “Toys to Pack when Traveling with a One Year Old

      • Gotcha. We go right through there every time on way to Cedar Island ferry. We stay on Ocracoke couple times a year. It’s our most favorite place. Love Cape Lookout, Sea Level, Portsmouth Island. Hope y’all have fantastic time with good weather. πŸ˜ƒ

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      • We are very familiar with these parts. My husband loves fishing at Portsmouth and there’s good fishing around Cape Lookout too. There’s been some whale sightings around that area just this past week. Love the NC coast! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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      • The whale sightings don’t surprise me with the proximity to the Gulf Stream and the time of year. Cape Lookout is fantastic. Great lighthouse. Hope they’re bitin’ for y’all….the fish that is, not the skeeters, or the green flys. πŸ˜ƒ

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