Wine Down and Review

Time to sit back, relax and unwine! Having Cabernet Sauvignon tonight, hope you’ll have a glass with me. My nearly 14 month old son has been keeping me very busy. He is a full on walker now. There’s a lot of toddling and falls in his walk, but he’s getting good. I’m finding myself tripping over him all the time because he is always along my side. We are doing lots of communicating. He is imitating and saying new words everyday and his ability to understand baffles me. He has several signs (more, milk, help, all done) and is using many gestures to suggest his wants. I encourage use of any type of non-verbal communication when he begins crying or fussing. My sons favorite words right now are “no, no” and “go, go.” He is becoming very independent and doesn’t like for me to hold his hand to walk anymore. He is no longer interested in me feeding him either. When I attempt to, he wants to hold the spoon and I’ve started letting him. Utensil training is soooo messy! Fisher goes between spoon attempts and shoveling the food in his mouth with his hands. The days of putting him to sleep in only his diaper are over. Not because it’s cold, but because he takes it off. Yep, we’ve walked in to some lovely surprises lately. Don’t worry, I don’t have it pictured :). His favorite activity right now is opening drawers and pulling it’s contents out then putting random items from around the house back in. Lots of things go missing and I find them when I least expect it. Living with a one year old is highly entertaining!

We traveled to the beach this weekend. Fall is a fantastic time at the NC coast. Fisher got to see beautiful sunsets, the Hunter’s supermoon, fishermen and boats. We love boats, it was one of his first words. Boat and vacuum, go figure! Our frequent traveling brings me to my baby product review: Oxo Tot On-The-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush. I received this as a baby shower gift and have used it for over a year now. It is a compact and portable drying rack with bottle brush. I use it every time we travel to put by the sink for washing and drying anything baby. It’s well made, easy to clean and the bottle brush has stood the test of time with lots of scrubbing. When it’s not in use, the brush breaks down to fit inside the drying rack which folds up to close for quick and easy storage. If you travel with a baby or are a working-pumping mama, you may like to give the  Oxo Tot On-The-Go Travel Drying Rack with Bottle Brush a try. I give it two thumbs up!

Thanks for unwining with me. I hope you have a good week ahead. Until next time….




7 thoughts on “Wine Down and Review

  1. Enjoy every moment…even the “lovely surprises”. (Read the poem “Retospect” in my blog post of the same name.) It sums up my feelings about my children growing up) My boys are 30+ years old and I still find myself many days missing the exhausting but glorious moments of their younger years. Store these memories in your treasury of happy thoughts.
    I enjoyed the memories that your post evoked in me.

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    • Love the poem! Thanks for sharing, I gave my little man a big hug after reading it. Thank you for the feedback on my post. I honestly went to bed last night thinking that I had wasted my time writing it, comments like this make it all worth it :)!

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  2. I will have a glass with you right now!! I am studying for my nursing boards currently, and it surely sounds like your toddler is in the correct developmental stage with the “no” and desire for independence- hehe. Thanks for sharing your fun adventure with us ❀ Oh, and I will have to keep in mind the bottle brush for a few years from now when we start having some kids of our own!

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    • I hope you enjoyed your wine as much as I did :)! Good luck with the nursing boards! Sounds tough but stick with it, it’s a very fulfilling job. My mom is a nurse. Hopefully I will still be blogging a few years down the road when your kiddos come along, don’t rush it :)! Thanks for reading!

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  3. I wish I did this method with my son,I did do sign language though. And he signs at loud events. We are learning always to hold my hand in the parking lot unless it’s safe for him to go to his side alone. We’ve had a few spells of darting from the car and my mom like reflexes grabs him fast enough! HEART ATTACK! The “No” word will always be in his vocabulary, sorry. At almost 4 my son has a full vocabulary to: no, leave me alone, don’t talk to me and what nots. I hope this attitude changes at 4!!!!!! I’m whining with you without the whine, I’ll drink a Pepsi with you lol.

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