Wine Down and Review

My very fussy and obviously uncomfortable teething baby is finally asleep. Time for this mama to sit back, relax and unwine. I didn’t get this post written last night because we got home late from traveling over the weekend. Looks like I will have to pop the bottle and share a glass of vino with you tonight. We traveled to the North Carolina mountains this past weekend for our fourth wedding anniversary with our one year old in tow. North Carolina is such a beautiful state and it’s mountains are breathtaking, especially this time of year. We went to Blowing Rock, NC. It’s a very quaint little mountain town filled with a handful of unique shops and many delicious restaurants. It’s centered around a lovely park and duck pond, which made for lots of fun times with our baby. We introduced our son to several firsts on our trip and it was so awesome to watch him soak it all in. We went on hiking adventures, saw waterfalls, fed ducks, drove on mountain cliffs and winding roads, went shopping at the old Mast General Store and bundled up for outdoor walks. A great time was had by all! Of course, I have pictures for your viewing pleasure.

It wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Fisher is cutting his upper lateral incisors and you can just tell they bother him. He’s grumpy. And his poop, OMG. Blowouts are not typical for my little man but they were this weekend. They were so potent and large. We went through many outfits. My husband and I began to question if something was wrong. I’m relating it to teething just because that’s what I’ve always heard. Let’s talk poop mamas…do you have experience with poop blowouts related to teething?! Seems like a real thing to me. Would love to know your thoughts.

Our drive to the mountains was four hours long and made possible by allowing our son to view baby shows along the way. This brings me to my baby product review: the Arkon Car Seat Headrest Tablet Mount and Holder. It’s a very handy little gadget that my husband purchased without me knowing. It was delivered to our doorstep and I had no clue what it was. Then, my husband showed me the magic. The magic of how easily it installed to the headrest of our SUV and supported our iPad in order to provide eye level entertainment for our little man. We just downloaded the PBS kids app, which provided us access to lots of baby friendly shows. Our SUV has a central DVD player but with this IPad mount, we are able to stream any show using our tablet and don’t have to deal with DVDs. Watching shows this way does use our mobile data, but it has not been a problem with our plan. You do want to make sure that your IPad is charged up for long trips. I’m not a big fan of allowing my baby screen time and I certainly do limit it. But hearing him laugh and giggle when we take long road trips is far better than him being irritable and fussy the whole time. Especially when I’m pulling out every trick in the book to entertain him and nothing works. The Arkon Car Seat Headrest Tablet Mount and Holder has worked great for our family. If you have a moody car rider, like to stream shows and enjoy peaceful car rides, you may wish to try this out. I give it two thumbs up!

Thanks for reading and wining down with me. Have a good week!



6 thoughts on “Wine Down and Review

  1. So glad you came to NC. BLowing Rock is not very far from my home town of Greensboro. Sounds like a fun week end and Fisher is adorable! It’s been 30+ years since I’ve had any experience with “poop blowouts” so I’ll leave that to the young mamas. LOL (Where were all these wonderful gadgets when my 3 boys were little??)

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    • Thanks for reading and commenting Barbara! I’m actually from Siler City, NC so very familiar with Greensboro. We did all of our shopping there growing up. NC is such a beautiful state!


  2. Happy Anniversary! We will be celebrating our 4th as well in a few weeks! Looks like a beautiful place to visit! Yes, poop. We have all the poop as well with teething. So. Much. Poop. A phone call to my doc a few weeks ago and the nurse agreed that poop and teeth go hand and hand. Lots of extra clothes and wipes are now kept on hand:)

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