Flashback Friday


In honor of our wedding anniversary October 6, I flashback to the day I married my best friend. I felt compelled to write a poem to my hubs. I’m not a poet and I know it, but here’s my best attempt at expressing my love to him.

To my husband,

Four years ago we said I do

To that I say woohoo!

I knew the moment you walked into my life

We were going to be husband and wife

You are the man of my dreams

We make a really great team

You are my soul mate

You took my life from good to great

Whenever I need you, you’re always ready

There’s no doubt you are my baby daddy

You granted me our son

The fun has only begun

You made my dreams come true

Forever and always, I LOVE YOU


Thanks for taking time to read my blog! Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Cheers to happy ever afters!


Disclosure: This is a challenge to see if my husband reads my blog πŸ™‚

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