Wine Down and Review

My son loves to throw his blankets out of his crib and does so two times before settling down on most any given night. I just went in for the last time! It was the second and last time. I will not go in for a third time. Luckily, he almost always stops after doing it twice, because I would go in for a third time but definitely not a fourth! Yes, he has me wrapped around his tiny, little finger. He loves to laugh and squeal when I do go in and I love to roll my eyes and think, “go the f- to sleep!” I don’t say a word when I go in or make eye contact. I lay my son back down, lay his blankets on top of him and turn and walk out. The less amount of stimulation the better.

My son has since drifted off into the land of dreams, now I sit down with a glass of red, unwine and review. I hope you’ll have a glass with me!

Fisher met a huge milestone this past week. He graduated from crawling to walking. He gets better everyday and now prefers walking to crawling. It has been a really cool progression to watch. Babies just amaze me! Of course, I have video for your viewing pleasure.

His expressive communication is really developing. He has started saying “no, no” before and during doing something he knows is wrong, such as throwing food. I have to make myself not burst out laughing when he does this, it’s just so cute. He also has a new-found obsession with vacuum cleaners. We have a Rumba and he just loves to turn it on and watch it. He clearly says “vacuum” to request it. He says it a lot. His /v/ is a /b/ but that’s typical. And you know this mama loves that two-syllable word! So when he says it, he gets it! The floors are staying nice and clean. We took Fisher to his first park this past weekend. To our surprise, he was really able to engage with it, much more so now that he is walking. We also watched beautiful sunsets over the ocean and took our first fall beach ride in the truck. We had a fun week and we have an adventurous week ahead. We are taking Fisher to the mountains this coming weekend. It is our anniversary. I’m so looking forward to it, I will be posting lots of pictures. The mountains amaze me, I know they are going to blow my son’s mind!

We travel quite a bit, which means we eat out at restaurants a lot and this brings me to my baby product review:

Neat Solutions Table Topper:

Neat Solutions Table Topper is a disposable placemat that is a diaper bag staple for this mama. I found these in a box of hand me downs and was skeptical at first. I almost threw them away. In fact, when I broke one out at a restaurant for the first time, my husband rolled his eyes and told me they were “excessive.” Now that finger foods play a big part in our lives and if we don’t use a placemat it’s the filthy table top or we have to feed baby ourselves, we now use them every time we go out to eat. I get frustrated when I don’t have them. They are perfect for serving fingerfoods. They have colorful and fun designs, which attract my son. We currently have the Sesame Street Table Toppers and Fisher likes to point out the ball and bubbles. They have four sticky sides which hold to the table very well. I read some reviews about kiddos ripping the placemats up but we haven’t had that problem. Fisher does like to stick his hand down and pull at the mat while we are trying to get it stuck to the table, which can be a challenge. You really need to have two people to get the placemat stuck to the table smoothly. Once it’s down, it works great to provide a clean surface and entertain baby. They also make clean up as easy as possible. If you have a finger food eater, I recommend these. I give them two-thumbs up!

Thanks for reading and unwining with me. Until next time….



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