Baby Schedule: 12 Months

My son is now thirteen months old, feels like he’s over the hill in baby land! His schedule changed quite a bit in his twelfth month of life and I want to get it in writing so I don’t forget what we did. Though, I think this schedule may stick with us for the next several months. Let’s take a look at what this little dude has been up to as a one year old.

 12 Months Old Baby Schedule:

7am-7:15am- Wake up, diaper (size threes are getting snug)

7:30am- Breakfast (fruit, grain, cup of milk)

8am- Diaper, get dressed, brush hair, gums AND teeth (first time I’ve written that, he has four teeth now!)

8:15am- Play, listen to music, water table, go out and about, run errands

9:45amish- Snack (fruit, yogurt, cracker, water cup), snack keepers are key for snack on the go

10amish- Independent play, out for a walk (independent play means baby strows toys all over the house and attends to any one task no longer than a minute)

12:00pmish- Lunch (fruit, veggie, protein, milk and water cups)

12:30pmish- NAP TIME!!! Read books then straight down for nap

3:30pmish- Independent play to stretch and move after napping

4pmish- Snack (fruit, crackers/veggie straws, water cup)

4:30pmish- Mommy guided play, sing songs, independent play, outside

6pmish- Bath, diaper, massage, pajamas

6:30pmish- Dinner (veggies, protein, milk cup)

7:00pmish- Quiet play, lights turned down low (I have to remind my husband what “quiet, calm play” means)

7:25pmish- Nighttime diaper, brush gums and teeth (I’m a big fan of Pampers Swaddlers Overnights, they keep my little man dry overnight)

7:30pmish- Read nighttime books, lights out, sound machine on, sweet dreams baby, pop the bottles-IT’S MAMA TIME!


The big change in Fisher’s twelfth month of life was dropping from two to one nap a day. Have a look at my post on Nap Dropping for more details. Overall, it went better than expected with minimal heartache involved. I knew it was time to transition to one nap a day when my son started taking forever to settle to sleep and his naps changed from two hours each to a very brief forty-five minutes each. At first my heart hurt, because I felt like I was keeping him awake when he was tired. But, I decided it to be best to go for one longer, quality nap than two short ones. It has worked out nicely. On a good day and most are, he takes a three-hour nap in the afternoon. I do have to plan my activities accordingly where I don’t have him in the car or stroller near his lunch hour. Because, if he falls asleep while we are out, there’s no getting him back down and nap time is a wash for the day. So for my sanity and baby’s own good, I plan accordingly! We now go out and about in the mornings. Of course there are times when he takes a cat nap in the car. I just rather this happen earlier in the morning, so I can still get him down for his afternoon nap. I’ve also started offering my son water at snacks instead of milk, because his doctor told me I was giving him too much milk. Click here for questions I asked the doctor at my son’s twelve month wellness visit.

Lots of fun things happened at twelve months old and now at thirteen months old, he is toddling. Never mind that, he is full on walking. Holy cow, gotta run, I need a drink, until next time….



9 thoughts on “Baby Schedule: 12 Months

  1. HA! I had to laugh at “I have to remind my husband what “quiet, calm play” means. Sounds like his “calm and quiet’ is similar to mine… it’s neither 🙂 Congrats on the four teeth! Cutting teeth can be a stressful time…

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