Reasons to Play with Babies in Mirrors

Play with baby in the mirror!

Babies typically begin watching faces, recognizing familiar people, looking at themselves in mirrors and responding to their names around three to four months of age. Give babies lots of practice developing these skills by playing in the mirror with them. This also helps to develop their vision, focus and ability to track. As babies grow and mature, playing in the mirror helps develop language skills. They begin to develop name and face recognition, name and face matching, understanding questions and possessive language forms, social-emotional language skills (recognizing facial expressions and emotions), vocabulary and will eventually say a word or two. Making all your silly time in the mirror worth it!

The video clip demonstrates me working on vocabulary development,Β possessive language forms and naming. “Mommy’s hat, Fisher’s hat.” I’ve found that doing this has been helpful in developing my son’s understanding of mine and yours. For example, when I need to redirect him from my things to his I say, “this is mommy’s cabinet, this is Fisher’s cabinet” or “these are mommy’s sunglasses, they are not Fisher’s.” When baby is little, little, simply start by staring, smiling, snuggling and giggling in the mirror together. Then move to pointing to and naming each other (i.e. “Fisher, Mama”). Then you can start to throw in item names such as hat, shirt and pants. Next, we will start working on basic body parts and wh-questions. There’s lots of fun to be had in mirrors!

It’s never too early to begin playing in the mirror with your baby. It creates a special bonding time as the two of you interact with each other. Babies love looking at faces, so I challenge you to help develop babies cognitive skills by looking in mirrors together! Hope you found this Tuesday Tip helpful.

Tip: Use a floor mirror to encourage tummy time with newborns!


Peace & Love,


6 thoughts on “Reasons to Play with Babies in Mirrors

  1. Where do you come from?πŸ˜„you constantly have awesome idea’s. You are an expert! Whenever I have a question about my kids, I’m coming to you!πŸ‘

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