Menu Monday: Broccoli & Cheese Quiche Finger Foods

What’s new on the menu this week?! I have had to get creative in order to get greens into my son. He will eat them pureed and I’m very thankful he loves spinach. But, when I serve them as finger foods, they are immediately thrown across the room. He avoids peas, green beans, broccoli, whole spinach, Brussels sprouts and zucchini like the plague. Maybe he doesn’t like the color green, who knows. What I do know is that he likes Quiche, so I’ve decided to disguise some broccoli in with the yummy, cheesy egg mixture. Here’s my recipe and if baby likes it, I’m sticking to it!

Broccoli & Cheese Quiche Finger Foods:

Ingredients: 4 Eggs, 1 C. Whole Milk, Salt, Pepper, Small Head of Broccoli, Shredded Cheese

1. Heat oven to 350 degrees

2. Rinse and cut off broccoli florets (cut off as much of the stem as possible and break into very small florets)


3. Crack four eggs and place in bowl


3. Pour in one cup of whole milk

4. Add dash of salt and pepper to flavor


5. Whisk mixture together and sit aside


6. Layer a few broccoli florets in the bottom of an oven safe baby food container or cupcake pan and top with 1/2 teaspoon of cheese. I mixed cheddar and mozzarella shredded cheeses (I’m excited that my Tutti Bimbi food trays are oven safe up to 460 degrees).

7. Pour egg mixture over top of broccoli and cheese, fill food pod 3/4 way full with egg mixture, Quiche will expand (I had some extra mushrooms, so I decided to give those a try too)

8. Bake in 350 degrees oven for 45mins-50mins, until golden brown and firm

9. Let cool, serve, refrigerate or freeze

10. Bon appe’tit baby!

The Verdict….

Loves it! I even watched him pick up a piece of broccoli and eat it. Score team mommy! These freeze and thaw nicely. I thaw a few food pods out a night or two in advance and then heat in the microwave until warmed (15-30 secs for my microwave, but all vary). I quarter the Quiche pod before microwaving to improve even heating. Always test baby’s food before serving! If your little is eating finger foods, give this recipe a try and let me know how it goes. I recommend that your little have tried all of the individual ingredients before serving this dish to rule out food allergies. Check out more of my finger food recipes here.



Respect, kindness and love begin with babies…we must show them the way!

10 thoughts on “Menu Monday: Broccoli & Cheese Quiche Finger Foods

  1. I have to try this… my little guy loves eggs and cheese but does not like eating veggies anymore. Thanks!

    Do you think a pan to make mini cupcakes would work to make these quiche?

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