Wine Down and Review

The condition is right, baby is fast asleep and daddy is watching football, time to sit back, relax, unwine and review. I hope you’ll have a glass with me. Having red wine tonight, nothing like it with the feel of Fall in the air.

My son will be thirteen months old in two days. He is very close to walking, just lacks a bit of confidence. He is learning to use his arms to help balance himself. He’s getting better with each step. Take a look…..

We are so, so proud of our little man! He’s working very hard! He is also busy practicing communication, both non-verbal and verbal. He has started consistently using some baby signs to suggest his wants. This is simply awesome, I will post more about it this week. He is signing “more and milk” independently and is working on “eat, bubbles & all done.” Fisher loves saying “uhoh,” especially when he drops something. This has been good and bad. He says it when he accidentally drops something, which makes us aware so this is good. But he also says it when he throws something, which happens a lot! My husband has tried to reason with baby about not saying “uhoh” when he throws something, however I recommended otherwise. Babies, especially one year olds, are going to throw things. It’s fun, it’s what they do. So I asked my husband not to discourage him from verbalizing. I would much rather him verbalize than not. I suggest that we start to say “oh no” when our son throws and “uhoh” when it’s an accident. I recommend introducing “oh no” because my son has gotten really good at saying “uhoh,” so now we want to scaffold and practice something different but similar and attainable. Fisher is demonstrating appropriate use of objects, which is quite cute. He holds phones up to his ear, attempts to use a brush to brush his hair and plays with plates and utensils together outside of the meal environment. He has learned this by watching! He is also currently into fitting things together, putting things in/out and chunky puzzles, which brings me to my baby product review: Melissa and Doug First Shapes Puzzle.

Melissa and Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle:

Puzzles are one of my favorite toys for littles. I use them in almost all of my speech-language therapy sessions. I was pleased when my son received puzzles for his birthday. He got this Melissa and Doug First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle. He chooses it out of his other toys and plays with it daily. This puzzle has large knobs that are perfect for tiny hands. Its simple and colorful design is attractive to littles. It is well-constructed and sturdy. I love this puzzle because you can work on so many skills with it. I have trouble narrowing down what skill to work on. You can focus on shapes, colors and parts of a home, all very functional tasks. Puzzles are great learning tools for littles. They practice hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, problem solving, shape recognition, matching, visuospatial skills, patience and self-control. Lots of good skills to work on, so make sure baby has the opportunity to explore and play with puzzles. The First Shapes Jumbo Knob Puzzle is a good first puzzle, great for young toddlers. I give it two thumbs up!

Thanks for reading and wining down with me. I hope you have a good week ahead! Until next time….




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