Baby Stations

Yesterday I wrote about redirecting babies from undesirable activities to more desirable ones. Doing so reduces negative interactions with your little and focuses on positive ones. Whether redirecting baby to a toy or an alternative activity, it is much easier when you have meaningful and functional activities at your fingertips. I suggest having Baby Stations set up around your home filled with items that interest your baby. Items that your little can examine and investigate. Baby Stations are areas where your little can discover safely and freely. They encourage babies to play and explore within their environment. I have set up multiple Baby Stations around our home, in every room to be exact. These allow me to easily redirect my baby to baby friendly activities, help maintain my sanity and help with clean up because each station has a few designated toys/books that my baby and I can quickly put away. The areas I chose for Baby Stations were problem areas in the beginning. Areas that my son was highly attracted to but were not baby friendly. So I moved a few things around, put breakable things out of reach and replaced them with baby appropriate items. Items that will keep baby out of trouble and mommy/daddy from constantly saying “no.” The less you have to say “no” the better, because the more you say it, the less effective it becomes. Take a look at our Baby Stations.


Lights, devices and cords around the TV stand= problem; board books and seashells= solution


Computers and chargers= problem; board books= solution. These used to be my books, now they are his and he just loves this little reading corner, visits it daily.

This was just a little crevice that my son loved crawling through. We have power cords behind it which= problem; toy basket= solution.


Climbing stairs= problem; baby gate and toy basket at base of stairs= solution (pat the bunny= great multi-sensory book)

Never fails, I have an audience in the bathroom. Bathroom= BIG fat problem; books and toy basket= solution

The kitchen= the definition of problem; baby friendly cabinets and plastic bottles in the bottom shelf of the fridge= solution

There you have it. Give Baby Stations a try and let me know how it goes! Do you have Baby Stations set up in your home? I would love to see pics, please share! Where are they and what do you have in them?



Respect, kindness and love begin with babies…we must show them the way!



12 thoughts on “Baby Stations

  1. This is sad to admit- we have dog stations but not baby stations. I’m just now realizing this as I read! I think we have the whole living room covered but could definitely use a station in our bedroom and in the kitchen. Duh moment!

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  2. Of course if your house is just super messy there’s always a babystation ready and waiting on the floor πŸ˜‚ On a serious not though I do think this is a good idea, I need to set something up in the kitchen because my crawlers follow me in there and are straight for the wine rack and the dog bowl 😬

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