Wine Down and Review

Time to sit back, relax, unwine and review. I hope you’ll have a glass with me. My family enjoyed the last weekend of summer at the beach. We had lots of fun beaching it during the day and watching the fantastic full moon at night.

It’s been awhile since I’ve wined down and reviewed. Not for lack of wining down, but for lack of desire to think on Sunday nights. Every since my son has turned one, he is very active and requires my full attention at all times, so when he goes to sleep for the night, my brain is mush and my energy is low. My sweet baby boy has been up to many things. His hair is finally growing and getting darker. He has a little problem with throwing his food, which I haven’t figured out how to conquer. Fisher has transitioned to one nap a day nicely, however he does occasionally sneak in a short morning nap if he is in the car or stroller. He is not yet walking, but just today took two steps on his own. He is close but very cautious. It’s just a matter of time before my life gets really interesting. Fisher says around eight words including ball, mama, dada, pawpaw, uhoh, bath, boat and Bella. At this age, a word is considered any consistent vocalization that baby associates with a person/object. He understands lots of simple directions and names for familiar objects. His imitation skills are really quite funny. He unexpectedly imitates actions that we do and it surprises us. For example, I brushed dirt off my hands and he did it. I blew a bug off my shoulder and then I heard him blow. He also imitated his daddy spitting. There is no doubt, babies learn by observation. Fisher has four teeth and more on the way. He has been chewing on his fingers a lot. I look forward to him getting more teeth, they will help him eat better. Eating better brings me to my baby product review. Let’s talk snack keepers.

Nuby Snack Keepers:

Snack keepers are my baby and I’s best friend. They hold finger food snacks and somewhat contain them reducing the mess. Not eliminating, but significantly reducing. They sure beat the many Ziploc bags of crushed crackers in my pocket-book. I first tried the Nuby Monster Snack Keeper. I bought it at TJ Maxx. I really wanted to love it. The concept is great, its super cute and very appealing to my little. It has a major flaw though. It’s nearly impossible to open and when you finally pry the lid off, snack residuals fly everywhere and you cuss. The paint is also coming off. I still use it to serve my son snacks at the beach/pool. I much prefer the Nuby Snack Keeper. I bought mine at Marshalls and they were a good find. They are easy for my son to get his hands in/out of and hold on to using the dual handles. I wash them daily on the top rack of the dishwasher without problems. They have an easy snap on/off lid, which makes this mama happy. These snack keepers go with us everywhere. If your little is eating finger foods, I recommend trying these out. They make life on the go a little easier. Do you have any other recommendations for snacks on the go? Please share.

Thanks for reading and unwining with me! Hope you have a good week ahead. Until next time….




6 thoughts on “Wine Down and Review

  1. At a dog show and this week-end a grandmother was taking care of her daughters 9 month old baby. The baby started to cry and she put veg. pieces in this cute MUNCHKIN Fresh Food Feeder from Amazon. She closed it and he sucked the bottom end for an hour, was happy and didn’t cry. I watch amazed

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  2. We have the Nuby snack keeper as well and love it! Cora has definite words and we joke about how she has the same “words” for certain things such as her Aunt and the dog. I didn’t realize that could be considered a word. I figured either way it was good progress.

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