Flashback Friday


This is one of my favorite pics of my little man at five months old. We were busy experimenting with solids and these pureed blueberries stained everything including his lips. So funny! This makes me think back to one of my very first blog posts, Battle of the BIBS. I still battle with bibs and have yet to find one I really like. They are either too small, don’t catch food, aren’t absorbent, mildew or are too big and interfere with eating. I’ve gone back and forth between cloth and vinyl bibs and now I’m back on a vinyl bib kick. When Fisher was little and I had control of the feedings, I liked Tommee Tippee’s Closer to Nature bibs. Now that he’s uncontrollably finger feeding, vinyl, water-resistant pocket bibs work much better. I’m curious, do you battle with baby bibs?! Have you found any that you really like?!

Happy Friday! Thanks for reading, hope you have a good weekend!




6 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

  1. I gave up on bibs at around 10 months I think. My son would tear them off himself and wouldn’t eat until the bib was off. It wasn’t worth the fight for me.

    We had bibs that were cloth on one side and plastic on the other. So, depending on the potential mess would be the side that was on the outside.

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