12 Months Old Milestones


My son is well on his way to thirteen months old so before he gets there, lets take a look at what the twelfth month of life has to offer.

  • Says one or more words (most words are one syllable nouns)
  • Pairs voice with gestures to express wants
  • Mixes words with syllable strings
  • Begins to imitate animal sounds
  • Waves and says greetings (hi/bye)
  • Responds to simple directions without gestures (get your ball)
  • Recognizes words for common items (shoe, milk, flower, snack)
  • Understands up to ten words
  • Identifies one body part
  • Identifies familiar persons, animals, toys
  • Responds to “where” questions (Where’s daddy?)
  • Stands without support
  • Walks with assistance or independently
  • Gives and takes objects
  • Places objects into containers
  • Uses familiar objects appropriately (holds phone to ear)
  • Repeats activities that elicit responses from others
  • Cooperates in dressing and hand washing

Recommended toys at 12 months old: pull and push toys, learning walkers, ride on toys, balls, containers (put things in/out), bath toys, board books, toys that have switches, dials, slides

The twelfth month of life is a very busy one. My little is growing and learning exponentially. He is super active, inquisitive and care free. Keeps me on my toes! Hope you’ll join in on our adventures!

Peace & Love,


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