Flashback Friday


A year ago today, September 9th, was my due date. Much to our surprise, our son decided to make his debut two weeks early in August. What?!?! He was supposed to be a September baby. A September 9th baby. Due dates are funny, it’s a date that you hear and say over and over throughout your pregnancy. And for a first time mom, at least this mom, it was the expected day. It was just in my head that my baby would arrive within this time frame. So when he came early, I had mixed feelings. September 9th is a special day too, because it’s my brother’s birthday. What a good birthday present? Oh well, things didn’t go as planned. We were ordering baby supplies from the Labor and Delivery room and our nursery wasn’t quite finished. But, by the grace of God, everything worked out just perfect. Reflecting back, I now realize that due dates are really just “maybe dates” and babies will make their grand appearance when the time is right. Once you get into that third trimester, you just gotta go with the flow because you never really know! This is a fun pic to look back at because it is my son on his actual due date. It’s so hard to think that he could have still been in my belly. I just love his little outfit from Magnificent Baby. Their clothing has magnetic closures, which make things nice and easy in those newborn days. Fisher is demonstrating his “fencing position” also known as tonic neck reflex. It’s an involuntary movement in newborns that gradually disappears around six to seven months of age. Ahhh, those newborn days, there’s nothing like them! Would love to read your due date stories, please share!



9 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

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  2. My baby girl was due june 17 of this year but was born on the 24. I started to get so worried and impatient when she didn’t come. But when she did come, boy did she!😱I was screaming in pain and she came in less than 3 hours!

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  3. Much to my surprise, Reindeer was born on his due date. I knew only 3% of babies were so expected him to arrive early. My surprise was mostly due to being admitted and induced 5 days before he was due – he ended up with a due date birthday thanks to an emergency caesarian!

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