One Year Wellness Visit: Questions for the Doctor


On the way to his one year wellness visit!

Fisher had his one year wellness checkup with his pediatrician yesterday. He checked out great! He was twenty pounds of sugar and 29.5 inches long. He is a little guy but the doctor said that’s how he is meant to be. His blood tests were normal. The doctor applied varnish to his two teeth and said more are well on the way. I took a list of questions with me and the doctor provided lots of great answers, so I thought I would share.



My Thoughts:

1. How much milk should he be drinking?


16-24 ounces Yikes, time to cut back!
2. He drinks more than he eats?


Give him solids first, then drinks.


Makes total sense. I’ve just gotten in the habit of giving him milk while I prepare his foods and he’s not eating as much. Solids first it is!


3. When should I give him a spoon?


Anytime, it takes practice. I’ve been letting Fisher practice with a spoon toward the end of meals because he is too distracted with it otherwise, need to keep going with this.


4. How much should he be eating?


Offer him 3 meals and two snacks a day, he will eat what he wants, don’t force it. I’m always concerned he’s not eating enough calories, I still feed him purees with meals, I will begin to wean from this and encourage more independence with eating.


5. Should I be concerned he’s not walking yet? No, he’s well on his way. There’s two types of walkers. Early walkers that take off and cautious walkers that put lots of thought into it.


I have a cautious walker.
6. He grinds his teeth, is this normal? Babies grind their jaws to help the new teeth pop through. Typically the bottom teeth erupt first.


My son’s grinding is really prominent because he has one top and one bottom tooth that contact.
7. How many naps should he be taking? Babies typically drop down to one long nap a day at one year old.


Oh no!!!!
8. Is his fear of strangers normal? Yes, it’s normal and peaks at this age. Have strangers approach slowly.


I need to be more mindful of this and respect my baby’s fears.
9. Should I use toothpaste with fluoride in it?


Just a smear I need to make baby’s first dental appointment.
10. What can I do to support his growth and development? Read to baby, establish routines, provide healthy foods, try not to hit, spank or yell at baby-provide short time-outs and re-directions instead I got this!

As a first time mom, I constantly have questions and doubts and this helped put me at ease. I hope you found it helpful as well. I encourage you to have questions ready for the doctor, take advantage of their expertise! Please share any questions that you’ve asked the doctor to help moms better prepare for wellness checkups. Thanks for reading!



Respect, kindness and love begin with babies…we must show them the way!


13 thoughts on “One Year Wellness Visit: Questions for the Doctor

  1. Glad he’s doing so well! Those are great questions too – I’ve saved the answers for reference.

    I noticed your ‘oh no!’ to the one nap thing and wanted to reassure you this is actually really good! We get a 2-4 hour block every day 😀 this allows me a nap and chore time which I didn’t have when he was younger!


  2. He is so cute! And I was glad to see I’m not the only mama with a one-year-old in a forward-facing carseat. . .when my doc told me he needed to be rear-facing til 2 years old I couldn’t believe it! And Hank just went to one nap a day over the past week or so and it is smoothing out too, so good luck on that one! 😉

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    • Thank you!! I knew what the answer was going to be with the car seat thing so I didn’t bother to ask, awful right?! My husband and I did our research and went with a well made, safe car seat. We feel good about our decision. It’s a tough one! Trying to figure out a routine for the new nap schedule, it’s tough too! Mom life 😊!Thanks for reading and commenting!

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