ONE Year Ago Today

One year ago today, August 27, 2015, my heart exploded with a love that I never knew existed. In the matter of a few pushes, my life changed forever. On this day, my son was born and this is our story.

My due date was September 9, 2015. Little did I know, my son would make his appearance two weeks early. My pregnancy was text-book. I had a few issues with blood sugars and blood pressure but nothing too alarming. I loved being pregnant. I fault my high blood pressure to “white coat syndrome.” I was always so nervous in the beginning and could feel my heart beating out of my chest the moment I walked up to the doors of the doctor’s office. It never failed, on my initial visits, my blood pressure ran sky-high and of course, made everyone nervous. After I got used to the many OB/GYN visits, it finally leveled out and ran normal. The blood sugar issue, let’s just say that was my fault too. I didn’t put two and two together and realize that you shouldn’t eat cupcakes and cream cheese mints from your baby shower, the morning of an OB visit. I passed my glucose screening a few visits before so the doctor wasn’t too worried, but did check my blood sugars at subsequent visits. It’s also not a good idea to eat a banana for breakfast before going to the OB and having blood sugars tested either. I thought I was being smart and eating healthy, but apparently bananas are full of sugar. Oh well, all worked out and I didn’t have any further complications until….

At 37 weeks pregnant, I started itching all over without rhyme or reason. It was intense and random itching, but most said it was simply from stretching skin. Something seemed off to me, so of course I went to the credible source of Google. I read about a condition called Cholestasis of pregnancy and itching was a key symptom. It’s a scary condition and I will post more about it later, because there’s not much known about it. I started researching on Sunday and went to my weekly OB appointment that coming Wednesday. I brought with me this big word “Cholestasis” and suggested my concern to the doctor. The doctor mentioned that some itching was typical with pregnancy but she decided to run some blood tests. It was a scary time. The doctor also performed my first cervical check and said I was zero percent dilated. The blood test results came back that Friday and guess what, they were NORMAL?!?! Not dilated, normal test results and all along people told me that your first baby is likely to come late. I called my husband, told him the news and said, “Let’s go to the beach one last time!”

We were both so relieved and happy. When I got off work, we jumped in the truck and headed East. It was my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary and we wanted to take them out to dinner. So off we all go, out to an awesome restaurant to celebrate a really BIG deal, 50 years, Holy cow! Of course the cocktails were flowing, why not, they had a driver. We had a lovely dinner and all joked about how this was going to be one of our last dinner outings as DINKs (double income, no kids). My husband was good and lit by this time. Grey Goose had my man feeling loose!

We all got back to the beach house safely and my hubs quickly fell into a deep slumber at 11 pm. Of course it took me an hour to settle and get comfortable at 38 weeks pregnant. At midnight, I finally closed my eyes and fell asleep when I was suddenly awoken by the feel of a water balloon popping. I quickly opened my eyes, sat up and thought, “I’m dreaming, there’s no way this is happening!” I went to the bathroom, steadily leaking liquid, questioning if I’m peeing on myself and whether I should wake my husband or not. After ten minutes of talking myself through the situation and saying to myself, “there’s no way this is pee,” I decided to wake my husband, who is infamous for heavy sleeping after a night of drinking. I had to give him some good shakes and he finally awoke to me saying, “don’t freak out, but I think my water broke.” His first response was, “no it didn’t.” I had my doubts too, so this didn’t shock me. It was now 12:15am and I had wet four different pairs of underwear checking to make sure I was still leaking, and I was. It was a slow trickle but it was happening. I called the doctor on call and said, “I think my water broke.” He replied, “what do you mean you think your water broke?” I told him the details and he said to head to the hospital. I said to him, “I’m two and a half hours away” in a shaky voice that was fighting off tears. He reassured me saying, “that’s ok, get there when you can.” So I rounded up my child of a husband and we took off headed back West, pedal to the metal. We were at the beach for a grand total of five hours. And yes, I had to drive myself to the hospital, leaking amniotic fluid and sitting on towels the whole way. It was an interesting drive. When your water breaks at midnight, you go many, many, many hours without sleep. No rest for the wicked!

We arrived at the hospital at 3 am. I was admitted and the Pitocin started dripping at 7 am. My husband, now battling a hangover, called his parents and I will never forget, his mom said, “why are you calling us from downstairs?” Ha! He replied with, “we are not downstairs mom, we are in the hospital having a baby.”

Everything was going according to plan. Contractions started, epidural administered, the pressure beginning. The doctor came in and said,”so you just drove in from the beach, huh?” He then laughed and said, “I wouldn’t do that with your second.” He also asked to look at a large area on my thigh that I had scratched away at because of itching. He then said, it looks like your test results were misread and you did have the condition Cholestasis of pregnancy. I was livid but this explained why my little man decided to arrive early, he was smart enough to know he needed to get out. Thank you Lord for your DIVINE intervention! It was a hard pill to swallow but I accepted it and moved on. However, the doctor that misread my test results was coming on shift at 5 pm that day and my head drooped. They told me that it would probably be night-time before baby arrived. There was no way that doctor was delivering my baby! Filled with determination and praying harder than I’ve ever prayed before, the good Lord intervened again, and at 4:50pm my precious son made his healthy debut. And that my friends, was the best day of my life!

My husband and I reminisced at midnight last night, looking back at pictures and our birth video. It brought us both tears of joy and laughter. We’ve had an amazing year that I wouldn’t change for anything. My heart overflows with happiness and love for the precious being I grew inside me. He is my everything! My son is one year old today and I’ll drink to that! It’s my BIRTH day too, right?!?!



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