A letter to my dog explaining why she was demoted to dog status

In honor of my dog Bella and National Dog Day….

Dear Bella,

I know your life has changed since the moment your baby brother decided to enter the world. I realize you were our one and only love, our fur baby, a snorting, belching, farting princess. You went everywhere with us and were often treated better than us. You were the center of our attention, doted on, caressed and massaged. Our pride and joy. You made us smile, laugh and young at heart. Things have changed drastically for you and for that I apologize, but you are a dog and it’s time that you get the memo.

It all started with that swift baby kick and my water breaking. We rushed to the hospital with you in tow because we were out-of-town and had to bring you with us. You patiently sat in the truck and waited in the middle of the night until daddy was able to take you home. I know you must have wondered what was going on. And then we had the audacity to bring a tiny human being into your world, encroaching on your territory. What a shock that must have been. Ever since that day, you became number two and for that reason it is my sincerest apologies that:

  • You no longer get pampered at the pet spa monthly. We have to feed and clothe the baby, expenses must be cut, unfortunately at your cost. At least you do not have long hair that grows.
  • You are now left behind when you used to go. It just takes so much to get the baby ready and adding you is an additional step, which often gets cut.
  • When we do take you, we forget you. Getting the baby’s diaper changed, baby strapped in the car seat and toys/bags/snacks in the car steals our attention away, then we see our friends/family in the rear view waving with you in hand, so sorry!
  • Your morning canned food delicacy is no longer consistent. The screaming, hungry baby that hasn’t eaten in twelve hours takes precedence.
  • You’re asked to shoo when you just want to lick. But sweet Bella, the baby’s napping, the clock is ticking and I’m trying to get done what I can, please go lay down!
  • You are told to get out from under my feet more than you are told I love you. Seriously, I’m trying to serve the baby, at least you get the food droppings. It’s hard enough avoiding baby toys, please just move.
  • Your days of long, fabulous walks twice a day are rare. It’s just too hard to manage a stroller and you. Picking up your poop on top of that, can’t do it and for that I’m sorry.
  • When I come home, I go straight for the baby while you do every trick you can think of to get my attention. You still get acknowledgement but it’s delayed and nothing near what it used to be, again, I’m sorry.
  • You are told to hush when you’re grunting and snorting. But, if you wake the baby, we’re going to have a problem.
  • Your balls are often taken away because again, if you wake the baby, we’re going to have a problem.

I was always told that your life would change when baby entered the scene and I told people they were crazy. But this is the new normal and I ask that you please accept my apologies. No matter the circumstances, you still shower our family with unconditional love and loyalty. You still fill our lives with joy and make us smile and laugh every single day. You have been so fantastic and gentle with your baby brother. Even though you both attempt to sabotage each other’s toys, foods, blankets and attention, you are now best friends and make our home complete. You truly are the best dog a family could ask for. Bella dog, I love you so and can’t imagine our lives without you! But, could you hurry up and go potty, the baby’s crying!! And, can you please come here and finish cleaning up the high chair droppings?!

All my love,


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