Baby Schedule: 11 Months

Here we go again, another month older, yikes! Fisher’s eleventh month of life was busy growing and learning and just like all the rest, flew by. He will be one year old in two days. Below is a typical daily schedule of what this sweet boy was up to at eleven months old.

Β 11 Months Old Baby Schedule:

6:45am-7:15am: Wake up, diaper

7:30am: Breakfast (fruit, grain, cup of milk)

8am: Diaper, get dressed, brush gums

8:15am: Independent play, out for a walk

9:30amish: Read books then straight down for morning nap

10:45amish: Snack (fruit, yogurt, milk and water cups)

11am- Play, go out and about (Kindermusik, Library story times, errands)

12:45pmish- Lunch (fruit, veggie, protein, milk and water cups)

1:15pmish- Independent and mommy guided play, go outside, sing songs

2:30pmish- Read books then straight down for afternoon nap

4pmish- Snack (fruit, cottage/ricotta cheese, crackers, milk and water cups)

4:30pmish- Mommy guided play, independent play, out for a walk

6pmish: Bath, diaper, massage, quiet play

6:30pmish: Dinner (veggies, protein, milk cup)

7:00pmish: Nighttime diaper, pajamas, brush gums

7:15pmish: Read nighttime books

7:30pmish: Lights out, sound machine on, sweet dreams baby, pop the bottles-IT’S ADULT TIME!


The big change in Fisher’s eleventh month of life was weaning from pacifiers. I replaced his pacies with this snuggly, cuddly blanket and toddler pillow. Overall it went better than expected with minimal heartache involved. He also weaned from formula to whole milk and got a new car seat. Lots of fun happenings at eleven months old! He is still taking two naps a day, I plan to maximize on this as long as possible! Make way for a twelve month old, ready or not, here he comes!

I like to put my son’s monthly schedule in writing to help me remember what a typical day was like and to provide a reference point for other families with littles this age. Would love to see what your baby’s schedule is/was like at eleven months old, please share.



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