Check the Mail with Babies

Have baby help check the mail!

These days we rarely get anything fun or exciting in the mail, so why not make it fun and take baby with you?! Have them help to open and close the mailbox. It’s never to early to start this activity. Going on adventures is good for babies of all ages and once they are seven to nine months old, they can start to understand the activity and engage with it. Having baby assist with checking the mail is a great way to work on vocabulary, following simple directions, the concepts open and close/shut, in/out and provides special bonding time with baby. Babies develop language by understanding concepts, so we must expose them to various concepts and talk them through the steps and items involved to help them learn. Once they have a good understanding of the concept, then they can begin practicing their expressive language skills by naming (mail, mailbox or box) and verbalizing actions (open/close) involved in the activity. Open and close are powerful words in a baby’s world. It is something they love to do and often need to communicate, so I like to begin work with these words early on. I challenge you to check the mail with a baby. Let me know how it goes!

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5 thoughts on “Check the Mail with Babies

  1. I appreciate this post! This is a great motivator to involve the kids in more household routines. It may take a little longer, or be a little messier, but it will be FUN. Plus, they are practicing following directions and language skills without even knowing it. Win win.

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