Teach Babies Simple Directions

Give baby simple directions during play!

What better activity than water play on a hot, hot summer day?! Advance water play by incorporating language skill development. Around eight to ten months of age, babies are typically ready to start following very basic directions given gestures and understand the names of some common objects. Asking baby to find items builds their expressive and receptive language skills and concentration. It works on object naming, object identification, answering what and where questions and following directions. Remember to allow baby at least ten seconds of processing time to process the information you are giving them. This is hard to do when you just want to jump right in and help, but it’s an important part of baby thinking and doing. Also, set baby up for failure by asking them about new and different objects that they are unfamiliar with, then turn this into a teachable moment! I challenge you to go have fun with a baby!

Peace & Love,


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