Wine Down and Review

It’s Prosecco tonight friends. It does a body good in the intense summer heat. I hope you’ll grab a glass and wine down with me.

My son continues to change in front of my eyes. It’s just so hard to believe that he’s gonna be one year old in two weeks and I’m planning a birthday party. His little personality continues to bloom. He is getting very good at expressing his emotions. He certainly protests and knows exactly how to get my attention. One way he does this is by throwing his food when I’m attempting to multi-task. This certainly gets my attention! Fisher is getting very independent with eating and is not a big fan of me feeding him anymore, funny how things change! He is occasionally saying “uh oh,” this melts my heart. He definitely needs to be in size three diapers but mama is trying to use up the twos. He has a new top tooth and I’m pretty sure more are on the way. Fisher has been into putting his clothes and toys into his diaper pail, I have to keep a close eye out and luckily it has a lock feature but it’s really quite funny.

I haven’t given in on the pacifiers and we are now two weeks paci free. I think it’s time to throw them away. Why do I feel like I need to keep them?!?! This brings me to my baby product review, the blanket that has helped us with pacifier weaning.

Angeldear Napping Blanket

I took my son’s pacifiers away cold turkey and replaced them with an Elephant Angeldear Napping Blanket. We received it as a baby shower gift and to be honest, I wasn’t sure when we would use it. It’s been tucked away in a blanket drawer until now. I knew when I took my son’s pacies, I wanted to give him something cuddly like a stuffed animal to sleep with but I also wanted to give him a blanket. This blanket is the best of both worlds. It’s a super soft blanket with a cuddly animal head. It sounds weird and looks a little weird, but it has been a life saver! My son took to it without convincing. It fully covers him and has gone through lots of washes without wear or tear. This blanket comforts him over others. I know for sure because I tried others when this blanket was wet from washing and not ready for bedtime. Nothing else would do, I put the dryer on high and gave it to him damp, it did the trick. He smiles when I give it to him and this melts my heart! This company makes a smaller Blankie version too that we have multiples of and are great for travel. I’m thankful to have this blanket and you may wish to give one a try if you’re looking for something cuddly and sweet for baby. I give it two thumbs up!

I hope you found this interesting and helpful, thanks for unwining with me. Have a good week!



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