Traveling with Homemade Baby Food

We are beachin’ it this week. Squeezing in one last summer vacation before the fun feel of summer is replaced with the lovely feel of fall. I must say, I’m looking forward to fall. 

When we travel, I have to spend a few extra minutes preparing my baby’s foods for travel in order to keep his menu healthy and delicious. While it may take a bit more time and preparation than packing store bought baby food, it’s totally worth it to me and is really not that involved. We travel quite a bit, so I do this often. I have simplified the process, so I thought I would share! You just need a cooler, ice packs and lots of yummy delicious prepared foods. I love my  Scout bag cooler. It is a good size for travel and is easily folded and put away once unpacked. It’s also great for taking adult and baby beverages to the beach/pool. I pack the frozen food pods in two different containers, one for veggies and the other for fruits. This makes life easier when thawing. Then I pack my thawed foods, which stack easily if you use the same size and shape storage containers. I place an ice pack in the bottom and on top of the foods to keep them cold. It’s really pretty simple and easy but you will need freezer and fridge space. When we go out to eat, I take a couple of thawed food pods, ask the restaurant for a cup of hot water, sit the food container in the hot water, let it sit for a few minutes, check the temperature then bon appe’tit baby!

If you follow my blog, you probably know that I take a lot of pride in preparing my son’s food. I love knowing what ingredients are going into his little system and that he is getting nutritious and healthy foods. If it’s something you’re interested in, check out my post on Making Baby Food: The Basics. Let me know if you have any questions!



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