Signs of Teething

I’ve been duped many times when it comes to teething, especially when my baby was younger. Anytime he was fussy and irritable, I pulled the teething card and set out on a mission to find teething toys. But the teeth never came. In fact, my son did not get his first tooth until he was ten months old, however we meet babies all the time that are much younger and have mouths full of teeth. Teething is a very suspenseful and grumpy event and we are right in the middle of it. After several false alarms and two teeth later, I’ve noticed some consistent and key signs of teething that I now know to look for. This is how I know when life is about to get more challenging than usual and it’s time to break out the Infants’ Tylenol and Motrin!

Active Signs of Teething (my personal observations):

  • Consistent drooling, typically runs down the center of the chin and wets the shirt
  • Rubbing mouth, cheeks and chin with hands
  • General crankiness/irritability
  • Random meltdowns
  • Mouthing/chewing any and everything
  • Biting/gumming
  • Chewing on fingers
  • Change in eating, reduced solids intake
  • Facial grimacing when eating
  • Discomfort with sucking-teething has resulted in baby-led weaning of the bottle and pacifier for us
  • Change in sleeping patterns-random wakings and crying out, general discomfort
  • Change in poop-large, loose and smelly, I’m not sure if this is related to teething but it sure appears to be
  • Symptoms occur before the tooth erupts

Check out this Baby Teeth Eruption Chart from the American Dental Association. My son’s teeth are not coming in this order but it’s a good reference point. Following the norm is not his thing, it’s not mine either!

Got teeth?! Now what?! Take a look at my post on Brushing Baby’s Gums and Teeth.

What is your experience with teething?! Please share to give new parents an idea of when it’s the real deal! And it’s a BIG deal….whew!

Peace & Love,


7 thoughts on “Signs of Teething

  1. Yup. It’s just one of the dark times πŸ˜‚
    I’m lucky to get hold of a Chinese herbal powder that eliminated all my baby’s teething problems.
    She used to cry all night but after using the powder, the gums’ inflammation and redness subsided as well as her pain. I see other symptoms still but the pain is totally gone. I didn’t even have to repeat the application.

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  2. Were in this stage also… good luck!! Greyson has 2 teeth and hes working on sprouting more. We had no problems but he’s been a little moody the last couple of days which is very out of character for him! He got his first dose of Tylenol this morning!! Good times!!

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