Teach Babies to Turn Pages in Books

Encourage baby to turn the pages in books!

Once baby is able to crawl, reach and follow simple directions given gestures, they are ready to actively engage in book reading. In our case, this was around nine months old. Notice how I’m giving the simple direction “turn the page” along with using the gesture of tapping the book page to guide baby. Combining verbal directions with gestures helps baby to understand what you are asking and learn to follow directions. Having baby interact with the book you’re reading together helps maintain their engagement and develop concepts of print. Concepts of print is a very important skill that can’t be taught too early, in fact the earlier the better in my point of view. Concepts of print is the knowledge of how print works in order to convey meaning. It is the basic foundation for reading and writing and includes knowledge of:

  • Letters form words to convey a message.
  • We read print.
  • Reading from left to right.
  • Reading from top to bottom.
  • Return sweep-moving from one line to the next.
  • Illustrations correspond to the print.
  • Every book has a front, back, title, author/illustrator and pages.

I recommend always reading a book’s title and author out loud to your baby and saying “all done” when you are finished. This starts to develop the concepts of beginning, middle and end. Check out my posts on Read Aloud Tips for BabyΒ  and Books for Babies too!

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