Wine Down and Review

The condition is right, time to sit back, relax and unwine. I hope you’ll do the same. It was a fun week in our household. My little man turned eleven months old this week and is increasingly busy, inquisitive, communicative and growing. Fisher is super engaged with his environment, which is making for some very joyous and challenging moments. He has become interactive with picture and flap books. Opening and closing flaps is a new favorite activity. He certainly understands “no” but doesn’t always heed the warning. Fisher’s verbal representation for objects increases daily. He has relatively clear representations for ball, Bella, bath and block. They all start with “b,” one of the first and easiest sounds for baby to see, imitate and produce. He is following simple directions given gestures to guide him. When learning to follow directions, practice makes perfect, so I give him lots of little directions to process throughout his day. He continues gearing up to take his first steps. His crawl has changed. He will randomly lift one knee up and push with his foot while crawling (it’s hard to put into words and I haven’t been able to get a pic yet). Within the last few days, he is placing weight on his feet when we put him down to stand, whereas before he would buckle his knees and sit. He just started attempting to take steps while we are holding his arms. I have also caught him standing without support before he realizes what he is doing. This is very hard to capture on camera. Mama tried! He does new and cool things practically every minute. Eleven months is such a fun age!

Fisher’s expanding cognitive maturity is resulting in meaningful and interactive play with his toys. I’ve added this super cool video for your viewing pleasure! This brings me to my baby product review and trending toy of the week-the foam play mat. Just when I thought it was time to put it away, it became the object of desire.


Foam Play Mat

A foam play mat is an essential part of the first year. We got ours when Fisher started sitting up around six months old but I always wished I had it earlier for cushy floor and tummy time. After a good amount of research, I went with this play mat. It’s colorful, large square pieces and simple shape inserts attracted me. It came in a pack of six squares and I bought two packs. It easily wipes clean and offers many learning opportunities that grow with baby (shapes, colors, visuospatial). It is perfect for littles beginning to roll, sit up and for those taking off on all fours. We bought ours to give baby traction to help him with crawling and it may have worked too well. Foam play mats are great for cushioning falls of wobblies and creating a play area. They also double as teethers. I certainly recommend one of these if you have the pleasure of living with a little, little.

To sum up the week, we had a total poop blow out tonight that I didn’t discover until I saw Fisher smearing his feet and hands in it. Wow, mama and daddy had to take deep breaths and tag team baby straight to the tub. I think this may be related to teething. I’m curious about “teething poops.” I’ve heard they are a real thing and very rank. Is there really such a thing as “teething poops?” Have you had experience with them? Please share!

Hate to end on a sh*tty note, but that’s it for tonight. Thanks for reading and wining down with me. Let me know if you have any questions! Until next time…



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