A good example…

With kids and spouses, you have to pick your battles. How many times have you heard that?! Like the classic shoe battle pictured. You might as well just take them off and put them in your purse or you’re going home without one. It’s just not worth the battle! Life is all about how you deal with the ones you do pick. Stick with me as I try to paint the picture of a good example…

My husband treated me very kindly yesterday to lunch, getting my nails done and then dinner. He is the best husband and dad ever, no denying that!! But… he made baby cry yesterday and mama bear had to show him a better way.

We had a lovely lunch with my best friend and her newborn. Miss newbie Harper was perfectly content in a milk coma the whole time. However, my eleven month old, not so much! Restaurants and dining out will NEVER be the same, at least that’s what it feels like! He actually did very well for the most part, but all good things must come to an end and after about thirty minutes in a high chair, they do. Fisher was getting antsy, noisy and attempting the new behavior of standing up in the high chair, so of course it was “check please!” While waiting on the check, daddy decides to give little man his credit card (which I would have never done because it’s the germiest item in the world and I knew it was going to be gold to baby, but I didn’t refute). Our son was silently occupied with the card and mama chose not to pick this battle. As the waitress came over, daddy took the card away from baby without warning. As my husband was in the act of doing this I was saying, “he’s about to show out.” And, I called it! In 1.2 seconds we had a full on melt down for everyone to enjoy on their lunch hour.

So, what would I have done differently?! Battle diversion! Turned the situation into a fun game of “give it to mommy” and delivered excessive praise when baby did. This establishes a positive relationship with following directions. Or, entice baby with something highly desirable and play a little game I like to call “trade ya.” I also recommend telling baby what you are going to do BEFORE you do it. Don’t just take things away from baby, just as you wouldn’t want anyone taking from you without warning or explanation. Talk babies through what is about to happen-in a simple fashion. This supports and develops their receptive language skills (understanding language).

Fisher is easily soothed with redirection and it all worked out BUT I would recommend trying my strategy instead of my hubs! I demonstrated for my husband and he was fully on board, battle won! Go Team mommy! I hope you have a great weekend. My husband and I have a scheduled date night tonight so I’m excited about that!

Peace & Love,


2 thoughts on “A good example…

  1. My little bear hates transitions. I find myself having to let him know everything before hand and explaining it to him. I’ve also found that if we have a conversation about what’s going to happen before hand it works out much better. Thanks for sharing!

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