Water Play with Babies

Water play!

This morning, before our back porch got scolding hot, I wanted to water our plants and flowers. However, my baby apprentice would not allow this to happen. My wheels started turning, thinking about what I could redirect him with. We don’t have a water table yet, Fisher is getting one for his first birthday in August (shh…keep it a secret). So in the mean time, I came up with this little water play container activity. A large bowl, sinking and floating tools and of course water (ice cubes were a big hit). My son loved it and best of all, it was free! I may reconsider the expensive water table- nah, can’t resist the pirate ship!

Water play provides tons of developmental enrichment! It incorporates problem solving, creativity, concept development (float/sink, cause and effect, wet/dry), sensory integration and my favorite- language development both language production and understanding. It is such a great sensory experience, encompassing all of the senses. Just love it, can’t go wrong but it must be supervised. Babies are naturally inquisitive about water, so expand on their curiosity and allow them to get wet and dirty. It provides entertainment all the while baby is learning…win, win! Score Team Parents!

I challenge you to play in the water with a baby today! What better activity to do on a hot summer day than water play?! Maybe eat homemade ice cream…

Peace & Love,


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