Baby Schedule: 10 Months

My sweet bear is eleven months old today. It’s just so hard to believe that I was very pregnant this time last year and now my baby boy is preparing to take off walking. He changes by the day and I’m so thankful I’ve been able to chronicle it. Before Fisher’s eleventh month of life begins to take over my memory storage and I forget what we did in his tenth month, let’s take a look!

Β 10 Months Old Baby Schedule:

6:30am-7am: Wake up, diaper

7:30am: Breakfast (fruit, oatmeal, Cheerios, cup of milk)

8am: Diaper, get dressed, brush gums

8:15am: Independent play, out for a walk

9amish: Read books then straight down for morning nap

10:45amish: Snack (fruit, yogurt, milk and water cups)

11am- Play, go out and about (Kindermusik, Library story times)

12:45pmish- Lunch (fruit, veggie, protein, milk and water cups)

1:15pmish- Independent play, go outside, sing songs, out and about

2pmish- Read books then straight down for afternoon nap

4pmish- Snack (fruit, cottage/ricotta cheese, teething cracker, milk and water cups)

4:30pmish- Mommy guided play, independent play

6pmish: Bath, diaper, massage, quiet play

6:30pmish: Dinner (veggies, protein, milk cup)

7pmish: Nighttime diaper, pajamas, brush gums

7:10pmish: Read nighttime books

7:15pmish: Lights out, sound machine on, sweet dreams baby, pop the bottles-IT’S MAMA TIME!


Our schedule had to be very flexible this month. We traveled and vacationed with family most of the time but I did my best to keep routine, even if the times fluctuated. The big change in Fisher’s tenth month of life was fully weaning from bottles. We pushed his afternoon snack and dinner times back so that he eats and has a cup of milk right before bedtime. This has sustained him through the night and he no longer gets a bottle. He solely drinks from a cup. It’s been so awesome not having to wash and heat bottles! I look forward to seeing what his eleventh month of life has in store!

I like to put my son’s monthly schedule in writing to help me remember what a typical day was like and to provide a reference point for other families with littles this age. Would love to see what your baby’s schedule is/was like at ten months old, please share.



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