Wine Down and Review

Baby down, The Bachelorette on, red wine poured, time to sit back and UNWINE! I hope you’ll enjoy a glass with me!

I’ve been away on family vacation for a week. This time with my family, a few weeks ago with my husband’s family. Love the sweet summer time and my family! I was preggers for last year’s vacations. This year I had a busy bundle of joy tagging along. It was fantastic getting to spend significant time with my family and watching my son get to know his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Baby Fisher is just shy of eleven months old. He has been a busy boy. He is imitating lots of sounds and actions. He is popping his lips to blow kisses but hasn’t incorporated his hand yet. He is rolling cars, trucks and buses while making a motor sound. Fisher says ball and our dog’s name Bella pretty clearly. He loves to push his face and mouth up against mine. I’m not sure if this is a sign of endearment or if he’s trying to bite because it feels good to his gums. Anyone have experience with this?!?! Does this turn into biting, should I be deterring it?! Because for now, smushing our faces together is one of my favorite things! He now prefers to self-feed and tends to resist being fed, which is bittersweet. After much effort teaching Fisher to place his drinking cup on his chair tray instead of dropping it on the floor, he has learned to place his cup in the cup holder of his tray. I was very persistent in picking his cup up from the floor, returning it saying “cup on tray,” taking the cup away after multiple drops and rewarding desired behavior and it paid off. Of course, I have video! Such a proud mama!

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen and eating so it’s important for it to be a positive, happy experience. Our fun in the kitchen brings me to my baby product review.

Baby plates for the beginning eater:

I introduced bowls to my son when he started eating finger foods around nine months old. I feel it is important to set your baby’s meal environment up the way you expect them to eat as kids, so they develop a good foundation and appreciation for meal times. I started with Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowls. Suction meal tools are essential! They got really good reviews, so I ordered them. They worked great the first few tries. But my son soon learned to unstick them and once their singular suction seal is broken, the whole bowl lifts and throws food. I also noticed that if the tray surface or bowl bottom were soiled in the least, they would not stick. They came in three different sizes but even the smallest was a bit deep for tiny hands and eyes to coordinate. Unhappy with these, I went out on a mission to find new ones. I found these Gerber Graduates Tri-Suction plates. They’ve been great! The multiple suction cups are key. If my son pulls one up, the others stay stuck and the plate stays put. They are shallow, have three sections to separate foods, provide great suction (hard for me to get up) and are easy to clean. I throw mine in the top rack of the dishwasher. I love these plates. I went out and bought more. If you have a mini self feeder on your hands, I would recommend serving their foods on a plate. Give these a try or let me know if you have other recommendations. When the time is right, I will introduce utensils…that should be interesting!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading and unwining with me! Until next time…



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