Wine Down and Review

After a lovely family vacation at the beach, I’m excited to get back in action here on Speechbaby! While I missed blogging and connecting with friends, it was nearly impossible for me to stare at a computer screen while surrounded by the beauty of the beach. It is my happy place! I kept a picture journal on my Instagram. Check it out if you would like to see what fun adventures we got into on our vacation. Now that baby is down for the night and I’ve somewhat unpacked from our vacation, I can sit back and unwine! I hope that you will have a glass with me.

So what has baby boy Fisher been up to?! He has been very busy growing and learning. At ten months, two weeks old, his motor skill development is in high gear. Fisher is continuing to gain strength with pulling up and cruising along furniture. He is waving with purpose. It was a bit confusing for him at first because we were asking him to wave hello and goodbye. I wasn’t sure that he would grasp this concept easily, but he has. We’ve been doing lots of modeling and naming of the act for a long time. He started waving given a model right around ten months old. Over the last couple of days, I’ve been able to reduce the visual model (physically waving) and just say “hey” or “bye, bye” and he waves. And he waves a lot! Fisher has also begun clapping. I’ve been patiently awaiting this skill and the time has come. He claps his hands in excitement and when told. Fisher is very vocal and his babble is shaping into word approximations. He is certainly attempting to imitate words that he hears often. His comprehension is really taking off. He is following simple directions and looking toward familiar objects when named. He is also turning the pages in the books we read upon request, I just love this. Two things I don’t love… Fisher dropping his drink cups and pulling off his bibs. While it really annoys me, it brings him so much joy. The baby battle is real!

Baby battles at the dinner table bring me to my baby product review. Despite skepticism from my husband, I decided that we needed a portable high chair to travel with. After a good bit of research, I went with this Inglesina Fast Table Chair. Let’s just say, mama was right! This portable chair is perfect. We get compliments on it all the time. It sets up quick and easy and fits most tables but not all. If your tabletop has a wide overhang, this chair will not fit. It works great for bars and solid slab tables. We use it on sturdy tables at restaurants and our bar/counter tops. I didn’t buy the dining tray at first but I recently purchased it when finger foods came into play. It has a sturdy harness system that safely holds baby. No doubt the seat cover gets dirty but it cleans easily. You unzip the cover to remove it, throw it in the washing machine and it looks new. It installs and uninstalls quick and easy. My favorite part about this chair is how simple it is to transport. It is compact, lightweight and folds up flat into a bag that is attached to the chair. The tray fits into the bag. Very simple. Very convenient. The best part about this chair is that my husband doubted me and I was right! Inglesina makes well-crafted, solid products. I want one of their strollers! If you’re looking for a portable high chair, this is a good one!

Oh, I forgot to mention, we have a TOOTH! The lower central incisor to be exact. As any parent knows, teething is no joke. Infants’ Tylenol and Motrin have come to our aid during this tough time. I’m curious…when did your little get his/her first tooth? What helped to relieve pain? Please share!

That’s it for now. Thank you for reading and unwining with me. I hope you have a good week!



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