Wine Down and Review

Sunday was Funday for this mama! One of my best friends from college was in town from out-of-state. And while we definitely wined down, I was unable to get it together to review. So I guess I’ll be forced to wine down again tonight! I hope you’ll have a glass with me.

Last week baby Fisher was busy socializing. He began waving intentionally and giving high-fives. This is so cool because he is following directions when he is doing it. He is getting stronger and closer to walking daily. He’s climbing stairs, gliding right along furniture and using toys and laundry baskets as walkers. Fisher is really in to opening and closing the toilet lid and getting in the dog’s food and water bowls, which has required lots of redirection. He has also started scrunching his nose while vocalizing which we call pig nose and randomly panting. It is really quite funny but I have yet to get either on video. He continues to drool and mouth things at all times. I can see a little tooth ready to makes it’s debut soon. Fisher turned ten months old today! His little personality is really starting to shine.

Since bath time was my posts trend this past week, I thought I would bring it to a close with a baby bath product review. It is inevitable that you will end up with lots of bath toys, which will need quick and easy storage. I’ve found that functional bath toy organizers are hard to find. So I want to share one that I don’t recommend and one that I do. I registered for this Boon Whale Pod Bath Storage and Toy Scoop and received it as a baby shower gift. I was excited about it because it jived with our nursery decor and I thought it was cute. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for us. It can either be mounted by double-sided tape or screwed in. The screw mount was not an option so we used the tape, which lasted all of two weeks. I was then on a mission to find the strongest double-sided tape a home improvement store had to offer. This didn’t work either, instead it left black sticky marks on my tub wall. The whale pod also had limited toy storage space and did not allow for thorough air drying of the toys. I made the executive decision to do away with the whale pod and try something else. I went with this Munchkin Corner Bath Organizer. It gets average reviews on Amazon but it has worked out great for us. It stows away in the tub corner so it’s not in the way. It dries the toys quickly and mine currently holds twelve bath squirt toys and a bath book.Β I like that you can easily sort through and pick out a toy. I haven’t had any issues with the suction cups. They withstand my little man’s weight pulling up on them. I haven’t had any problems with mildew or drainage. If you’re in search of bath toy storage, I would recommend this product. Please share any other suggestions you may have.

Hope everyone had a lovely summer weekend. Thanks for reading and wining down with me!



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