Bath Time Lingo

Good Morning! Baby is napping so it’s a great time to finish my coffee (that has been reheated 4 times) and blog. In continuation of the bath time theme, I wanted to talk a little bit about the power of incorporating language into bath time. Bath time is an excellent time to talk, sing and play with your baby. Babies learn lots of concepts and vocabulary at bath time. I witness this by watching my son. For example, when I say “splish, splash” he does it. When he hears me pull the plug to let the water out of the tub, he looks to the faucet for water to come out because I always turn the water on after pulling the plug. When I say “bubbles” he looks and grabs a hand full. He has learned to associate these things because he’s heard and seen them. This is how language learning works, we have to let baby hear and see language to learn it. Bath time is typically a one-on-one activity, it’s one of the few times your sole focus is on baby, so make the most of it! Give some of these ideas a try!

Suggestions to maximize bath time language with baby:

  • Play with bath toys. Name, hide, make sounds, and let baby independently explore toys.
  • Count bath toys
  • Make bath toys talk and interact
  • Make sound effects. “splish, splash,” “pop, pop”
  • Ask simple questions. “Where’s the cow?” “What’s the dog say?” “Where’s your belly button?”
  • Give simple commands. “Get the turtle.” “Pop the bubbles.” “Give me the fish?”
  • Name body parts as you wash them.
  • Talk about actions. “fish is swimming” “horse went under the water” “time to dry off”
  • Sing songs and riddle, make rhymes. “goat in a boat”
  • Read books in the tub!
  • Tell baby what you are going to do BEFORE doing it. “Mommy’s going to wash your hair, 1..2..3” “Time to rinse off” “All done, time to get out”
  • Talk to baby from the very first bath using simple language.

Bath time is a great time to bond and connect with your baby. I totally understand that many times bath time needs to be in and out and quick. I often say, “I need to give him a quick bath.” Quick baths provide ample opportunities for teachable moments too, they only take a sec! Hope you found this helpful and that you have a good weekend. Smile at a baby when you’re out and about, it’s good for the soul!





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