Wake Up and Review

Well hello blog, it’s been awhile! I’ve missed you. We were so busy yesterday with Father’s Day celebrations that I wasn’t able to get it together to write my wine down and review post that I typically do at week’s end on Sunday. So, now that my little is down for his nap, I can finally sit back, relax and reflect. But, I’m not actually relaxing because the clock starts ticking from the moment nap time begins so I have to stay focused! There will be no wine involved this early (thought did cross my mind), we’ll have coffee instead! Hope you’ll share a cup with me.

What’s up with baby Fisher? He’s very quickly approaching 10 months old; 9 months, 4 weeks to be exact. He’s doing many new things. One of the cutest being blowing raspberries or lip trilling as we call it in the world of speech pathology. Of course I have it on video for your viewing pleasure!

He does it by choice a lot and after models, so stinking cute! One of his favorite activities is opening and closing doors. Fisher is easily pulling up and starting to cruise along furniture or pretty much anything that provides him support. The bathtub is great for pulling up, standing and cruising. It never fails, when I suddenly misplace him, that’s where he’ll be. One of the coolest things he is doing is beginning to follow very simple directions. I place heavy focus on the direction “give it to mommy/daddy.” This is an easy direction that he can be successful with and thus proud of himself, which equals carry over! It also builds receptive language skills (understanding what is said). Fisher has begun drooling a lot. I’m guessing there is some teeth coming soon but none yet. He is also practicing using his voice and playing with making sounds and words. He is definitely telling me something but I’m not quite sure what just yet. Mama can’t help but analyze those sounds! Watching speech and language develop amazes me, LOVE it!

Fisher’s rapidly maturing standing and cruising brings me to my baby product review. We got a new toy….just what our little town home needed :/! Very glad to have it though. This Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Activity Table was handed down to us from my brother, which makes it even better. My son loves it. He pulls up independently, stands and plays for good bits of time. And whenever I need to redirect him, this is where he goes. He loves flipping the pages of the book, pushing buttons for lights and music and opening and closing the computer top. I’m really surprised at his attentiveness to this toy. The one we have is an older model, they make newer ones now. It has 4 modes that grow with baby, I use this feature to mix things up to maintain interest. The legs are removable, so if we are blessed with baby number two one day, I will keep it for tummy and floor play. I would recommend this toy for tummy time aged babies through toddlers. It’s perfect my almost 10 mos old and we have a 2.5 year old friend that enjoys it too! Warning: this toy may be annoying to adults but it brings entertainment, smiles, giggles and voice to littles so it’s worth it. What can I say? It’s my son’s world, I just live in it! Let me know if you have any questions.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and celebrated dads yesterday! Thanks for having coffee with me!



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