Lesson Learned

Babies learn via observation and my baby just gave me a good dose of how that really works. This morning when my son finished breakfast, I removed his top high chair tray to clean it while he was still sitting in the high chair. It was the first time I’ve ever actually taken it off, I normally just wipe it clean. Much to my surprise my little wise guy was taking it all in.

So, at our next meal I sat him down to have a nice little snack of blueberries and apricot as pictured above. He looked so sweet and innocent feeding himself using his bowls. It was his first time having apricot so I had to take pics. Not knowing that he was plotting his next move. When he was no longer interested in his snack, he showed me what he learned as pictured below.

And yes, now he attempts to remove his tray with all meals slinging food and drink everywhere (way beyond the splat mat). Ugh, new baby battle for mommy to conquer….bring it on son!

Lesson learned …. be careful what you do in front of your baby because they learn from watching you!Β 



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