Father’s Day Crafting

I’ve been pondering for a while about what my baby and I can do for daddy for Father’s Day. My husband is extremely hard to buy for, let alone make a usable craft for. So this underwater themed artwork is what I came up with. It seemed really appropriate since daddy loves to fish and our son’s name is Fisher. Wish I could say the hand print fish idea was original but it’s not. I found it when I google searched Father’s Day crafts. But I also wanted to incorporate my son’s footprint so I came up with the footprint octopus, which I think turned out great! I can’t say it was easy getting my nine month old to cooperate but we made it happen. He actually didn’t mind smearing the finger paint all over. The tricky parts were not getting paint everywhere and keeping him from sticking his hands in his mouth. This craft was relatively easy and inexpensive. One thing that stinks is that in order to share it, daddy will see it before Father’s Day. That is if daddy takes the time to read my blog!! Here’s what I did:

  • Prepared my work space and had all materials ready before involving baby.
  • Dipped baby’s feet and hands in finger paint and coated well, then printed on paper. I hand and foot printed 3 different pieces of paper and chose the best one.
  • I traced the back of the frame to correct my paper size to fit 8×10 frame.
  • Used my paper cutter to trim the sides of the paper
  • Hand scissored and glued fish eyes, fish mouths, and seaweed
  • Drew in the fishing line and hook and octopus smile
  • Put on letter stickers using a ruler to help guide my line
  • Added my son’s initials and year
  • Framed……. Voila!


Tips: Have a wash sink close by, cover your work space, undress baby, move fast!

I honestly don’t know how I pulled this off but it turned out really cute! I would love to see some of your Father’s Day gift ideas. Please share!



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