Wine Down and Review

Baby is all set for the night (hopefully), time to sit back, unwine and review! It’s white wine tonight. I like to switch it up in the summer time. I hope you’ll unwine with me! We’ve had a busy two weeks of growing and adventures. At nine months old, Fisher keeps me on my toes at all times. He has the shortest attention span and is constantly moving and getting into things. He has learned to click his tongue. After just a few demonstrations by mommy, he figured it out. It is so cool to watch him motor plan and coordinate the tongue movements. He is pulling up on any and everything independently. He now prefers to be down reeking havoc rather than being held by mommy and daddy. Very independent with no fear. He has started offering me his food by handing it to me. This is super sweet and makes us both laugh. His favorite thing to say is “baa.” He also really sounds like he is saying “Bella,” our dog’s name. My favorite thing he is doing is crossing his feet when he sits. It melts my heart! I assume it provides him more stability when he’s sitting. We’ve had lots of fun times at the beach and pool. Fisher warmed up to the water much quicker than I expected. This brings me to my baby product review-the very necessary pool float.


We bought this Swimways Baby Spring Float Activity Center. So far, so good! My son has really enjoyed his time in it. He kind of just sits back, relaxes and chills out. He is typically content in this float for thirty minutes or so. It has several detachable toys that he loves to mouth and the canopy provides great sun protection. It has a flexible mesh seat that fits my eighteen pound baby nicely. It conveniently folds up into a circle, is portable, and easily stored. I recommend this product if you’re looking for a baby float. You will want something for the pool, if not you’re stuck holding a heavy baby and that gets old.

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that you found this interesting and helpful. Thanks for unwining with me!



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