5 Months Old Milestones

Five months old is a fun age! Babies grow and change so much at this age. They really begin to engage with their environments and are gearing up to start crawling and talking. Let’s take a look at what’s typically expected at five months old.

  • Vocalizes excitement and displeasure
  • Differentiates cries to express needs
  • Babbles using consonants /b, p, m, d, h, w/
  • Recognizes familiar environmental sounds (running bath water, dog barking, doorbell)
  • Responds to name when called
  • Responds to “no” and changes in tone of voice
  • Looks toward sound source
  • Purposefully smiles and laughs
  • Sits upright with support for longer periods of time
  • May roll over from back to stomach and stomach to back
  • Reaches for and grasp objects with palms of hands
  • Moves objects from one hand to the other

Recommended toys for 5 month olds: Rattles, stuffed animals, board/bath books, textured objects that baby can grasp, musical toys, light-up toys, colorful play gyms, Jumperoo/Exersaucer

These milestonesΒ are typically acquired within this time frame however all babies develop at their own pace. Talk to your child’s pediatrician if you have questions about their development.Β 

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