Solid at Solids

Now that my baby is nine months old and solid at solids, I’ve had to change how I make his baby food to grow with him but remain healthy and nutritious. He is now eating relatively chunky but soft foods. I’m pretty much doing the same baby food making routine but taking the puree step out. Well, I’m actually doing a 50/50. I do half pureed and half chunky. My baby continues to prefer purees and being fed by mommy dearest but he does eat cut up foods as well. It just takes so much longer, more patience, and much more clean up time to feed him pieces of foods. To make sure he continues steady weight gain, I offer him a mix of purees and cut ups at each meal. So here’s what baby food making is looking like these days:

Broccoli (I had to look up how to spell it!): Cut, steam, put in my Tutti Bimbi food tray and freeze. This is half chunky and half pureed. It actually freezes into a nice little ball of bite size food and thaws ready to eat.

Cauliflower: It taste very bland but my baby gobbles it up. Cut, steam, food tray and freeze. Thaw as needed. Yum! One large head of cauliflower made 12 food pods.

Butternut squash and apples: These are favorites of my baby! Cut into small pieces, steam, place in food tray and freeze. Thaw. Of note… I have noticed constipation when my baby eats too many apples.

Carrots and yellow squash: Carrots make great finger foods. Cut into small pieces, steam, place in food tray and freeze. Thaw as needed. I cut the carrot rounds in half before serving. The squash gets really soft and mushy so I coat it in crushed Cheerios to help my baby pick it up. The pics of the round cups show thawed and frozen.

Pineapple: I use frozen pineapple tidbits, steam it to tenderize and freeze in food trays. Thaw individual pods as needed. I cut the pineapples in half before serving. I serve pineapple with whole milk, plain Greek yogurt. Loves it!

I LπŸ’™VE watching this little man self-feed! I also really enjoy knowing he’s eating a wide variety of nutritious foods. This helps to expand his palette, creates a flexible eater and establishes healthy eating behaviors from the get go! Todays menu included:

Breakfast: canteloupe and banana

Snack: mango and cottage cheese

Lunch: butternut squash and green beans

Snack: pineapple and plain yogurt (whole milk)

Dinner: beets, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts

Let me know if you have any questions!



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