Baby Beach Essentials

We had so much fun at the beach this Memorial Day weekend with our baby. My husband and I love the coast (hence our son’s name) and need our baby to love it too, because we go every chance we get. Prior to this weekend, Fisher had never been in the ocean and only once touched the sand. He had a big weekend of learning and exploration. As for mom and dad, going to the beach is much different now than we are used to! By the end of the holiday weekend, we had a good groove on what all we needed to haul to the beach to allow baby to enjoy it for longer than thirty minutes. So I thought I would share the beach essentials that allowed us to maximize our seaside time with baby on board.

  1. Tent– must have! My husband did the research on this and chose this Lightspeed Seaside Quick Pop Up Tent. It worked out great for us. It withstood decent winds, has handy storage pockets, and is very easy to set up. It just pops open then you fill the pockets with sand in light wind or stake it down in heavier winds. It’s all one piece and folds into a light weight, over the arm carrying case. We put it to good use. I definitely recommend some sort of shaded play area and this is a good one!
  2. Outdoor blanket or large beach towel– we used a beach towel this weekend but have our eyes on a JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket that may be a bit more cushy and water and sand resistant.
  3. Baby carrier– take baby to and from the beach in a hands free carrier, our Baby Bjorn worked great to transport baby while carrying things
  4. Bluetooth speaker– play baby some fun jams, we went with Jimmy Buffett and reggae
  5. Bottle cooler– filled with snacks and extra drinks to keep baby hydrated
  6. Sunscreen– I was pleased with the protection Babyganics Mineral-Based Sunscreen provided, I used the stick on baby’s face and lotion on his body
  7. Sun hat a good hat is necessary but they are tricky, I had to redirect my baby’s attention a large part of the day to leave his hat on, I really like i play hats for baby, they are light weight, super cute, and provide great coverage
  8. Rash Guard Shirt– I really like the i play long sleeve rash guard shirts, they provided great sun protection and my baby was comfortable wearing his for long periods of time even when wet and sandy, we have two but are ordering more
  9. Hooded towel– the bigger and thicker the better for a wet beach baby
  10. Bath books– rinse off easily, The Rainbow Fish is one of our favorites!
  11. Bath toys– Fisher loves his squirt bath toys in the bathtub, so I thought why not try them at the beach?! He played (mouthed) with them for good periods of time.
  12. Washable toys– My go tos are Oball products and the classic ring stacker, they easily wash clean and are bright colors which makes them easy to find in the sand
  13. Change of clothes-may extend your stay a bit!
  14. Swim diapersHuggies Little Swimmers do the trick for us. They don’t absorb water and fit decently under swimsuits.
  15. Bubbles!Β 

Let me know if you have any questions and please share any other items, thoughts, or ideas that make going to the beach with baby in tow easier!



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