Baby Schedule: 8 Months

Another month has quickly come and gone. Baby Fisher is nine months old today! His eighth month went so fast, I have yet to put it in writing. So here we go, let’s take a look at what this busy little guy was up to at eight months old.

6:30am-7am: Wake up, diaper

7:30am: Breakfast (fruit, oatmeal, cup of milk)

8am: Diaper, get dressed, brush gums- having a daily routine of getting baby dressed (out of PJs) and ready for the day is important for developing concepts of daytime and nighttime and transitions.

8:15am: Independent play, out for a walk

9amish: Read books then straight down for morning nap

10:30amish: Snack (fruit, yogurt, milk and water cups)

11am- Play, go out and about (Kindermusik, Library story times)

12:30pmish- Lunch (fruit, veggie, milk and water cups)

1pmish- Play, go outside

1:30pmish- Read books then straight down for afternoon nap

3:30pmish- Snack (fruit, cottage cheese, milk and water cups)

4pmish- Mommy guided play, go out and about

5:45pmish: Dinner (two veggies, milk cup)

6pmish: Bath, massage, pajamas, quiet play

7pmish: Formula Bottle

7:15pmish: Read nighttime books (I do books after bottle so baby doesn’t associate his bottle with going to sleep)

7:30pmish: Lights out, NIGHTY NIGHT, it’s ADULT TIME!!


Our daily routine changed a good bit during the eighth month. We fully weaned from nursing, dropped the late afternoon nap, and weaned the dream feed! Little man went right with the flow and handled everything like a champ! This is a very general schedule. I’m not strict about following specific times, I just read baby’s cues. I go by general time frames. I know that about every two to three hours he will be hungry and tired based off his cues. I look forward to seeing what the ninth month has in store! Ready or not here it comes…..


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