Let Babies Play with Books

Put baby in front of books! Board books preferably. I needed to be in Fisher’s nursery for a while today to clean, change sheets, put away laundry, restock the changing table, and pack for our upcoming trip. I closed the door and shut us in, turned on Baby Einstein music channel and sat little man in front of his books. This bought me a good forty-five minutes of time with baby safely occupied. It was fun to watch because Fisher clearly chose his favorite books to look at. My little guy is right at nine months old and looking through his books fully engaged him. Independent play with books…..good stuff! Try this at home and let me know how it goes!

Tip: During independent play with books, babies should have no rules! Let them mouth, lick, slobber, open/close, drop, push and shake the books. It’s all about free exploration, so make sure it’s books that are sturdy and can easily be replaced.

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