Making Baby Food: Avocado and Squash Nuggets

My baby continues to develop his finger food skills but he will not pick up any food that is soft, moist, or squishy such as berries, avocado, and squash/zucchini. He simply ignores it and goes directly for the Happy Baby puffs. He will eat it if I spoon feed it to him. Fisher has started a pattern of getting full on the puffs and eating less fruits and veggies. Can’t let that happen! So, today I decided to finely crush Cheerios and coat his foods with them. First, I tried avocado. To my surprise, he was very intrigued and fed himself a taste and another. He took the bait and started self-feeding! SCORE! So, I did his squash the same way for supper. Down the hatch! They look like little chicken nuggets, so I call them avocado nuggets and squash nuggets.

For whatever reason, this has made me a really proud mama! So, I wanted to share this strategy. It may not work tomorrow, as every day is different. But for now, mama and baby are satisfied! Give it a try and let me know if it works for your baby.




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