Wine Down and Review

Baby down, wine in hand, dog by my side, time to sit back, unwine and review! Baby is actually not down, he is standing in his crib staring at me through the monitor and I’m thinking to myself, “please go down, please go down, please just lay down!” Of course, every time I lay him down in his crib and turn my back to walk out, he assumes the standing position. One accomplishment this week is that Fisher has learned to get himself down from standing position. It’s not very graceful, but he’s learning. He loves to stand. It gives him a whole new viewpoint. There is no more sitting in one place. He’s constantly up and down, which makes mommy’s life a bit more complicated. He has had lots of falls and new bruises this week, guess I better get used to this. Fisher has also learned to climb the stairs, he has made it to the second step independently and is eager to keep going. I guess this is good preparation for his next milestone…walking! Did I say good?! Hmmmm. His awareness of cause and effect is improving. He learns very quickly that when I do this, something cool happens. Fisher is getting better with self-feeding, more food in his mouth and less on the floor. I’m thinking of introducing a suction cup bowl soon to get him used to feeding tools. Just this week he is consistently saying “mama” and occasionally “dada.” His babbling is changing into longer strings of sounds that appear sentence-like with varied intonation. So cool! This is when you talk back to baby as if you understood exactly what was said. Ahhh, Fisher finally went to sleep. He was especially wired tonight because he had his first Goodberry’s ice-cream this afternoon. The sugar high is for real!!

Captured these pics with the monitor after putting baby to bed, time to lower his crib to the last notch!

Product Review: Diaper Dekor Plus Pail

This week I am reviewing our diaper pail. I did a lot of research when choosing just the right diaper pail for our nursery. I’ve been very pleased with the one we chose. There are many on the market and I don’t have any personal comparisons. My friend likes her Diaper Genie. We went with the Diaper Dekor Plus Pail. Off the cuff, I chose it because it was aesthetically pleasing and came in cool colors. We chose the grey one because it jived with our nursery decor. No matter the brand you go with, the hands-free, step to open feature is important. The Diaper Dekor has biodegradable bags that are easily changed out and the refill liners easy to install. When the pail is full, you pull down the bag, cut it with the attached clipper, tie the diaper bag off, then tie the bottom of the open bag, which becomes the new bag and you’re ready to rock. It’s a pretty neat design. I give it an A- for smell. It does a good job hiding the smell but there are times when I do smell stinky diapers. This is typically when the bag is at max capacity and hasn’t been changed in a week or two. Overall, I’m a big fan of this diaper pail and recommend it. It’s a great baby registry item, that’s how I got mine. Let me know if you have any questions. I know the diaper pail decision is an important one, so I hope this helps!

Hope everyone had a good weekend, thanks for unwining with me!



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